Indian community in US stages protest Pak-backed terror activities in Kashmir


Washington [US]: Indian community including several Kashmiris have staged a protest in the United States on Saturday against Pakistan for interfering with New Delhi’s internal affairs.

Notably, there is anger in the community that an economically crippled Pakistan, with help of Turkey and Qatar, has been trying to cover up its terror activities in Kashmir under the pretext of celebrating ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day.’

Notably, every year on February 5, the Pakistani nation celebrates solidarity day for Kashmir.

The protestors discouraged the celebrations and said that Pakistani nationals, masquerading as Kashmiris, try to protest against India.

Furthermore, a digital truck was also seen on the roads of Washington DC, which was giving a message exposing the terror links of the Pakistan-Turkey-Qatar axis.

Even as Pakistan Embassy in the USA, which was in news recently for its inability to pay the salaries of some of its staff, held the functions on February 5 in the name of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’. (ANI)


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