The goods were recovered within 1 hour of incident and arrested the accused


Surajpur: On 20/02/2022, Rammilan Gupta, resident of village Salka, Thana Bhatgaon, filed a report in police station that he was selling gold from the Baijnathpur market, about 3 to 0 00 in the afternoon of Bhaiyathan Pratappur Road took breakfast at Lakhan Hotel near the River Bridge, after breakfast, he got out of his jewelery full of jewelery, as soon as the hotel came inside the hotel, his jewelery was missing, in the sahale 07 pair of silver, 01 Old Silver Chain, 17 Nog Bachhiya, and 16 Nag Silver’s Report and Other Market Market, on the report of the crime number 26/22 Section 379 Bharati. Under the unknown accused crime was recorded. In view of the seriousness of the matter after being apprised of the police superintendent Surajpur Mr. Rajesh Agrawal from the information of the case, he instructed the police team to recover the goods while arresting the accused after arresting the accused.

Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore and SDOP In the direction of the police station by the police, After questioning it, he accepted to steal. The accused said that the baggage full of petitioner has been stolen and kept the bag hidden in their house and the police team has been recovered from a jeweler from the possession of the accused, which was recovered from about Rs 40,000 / – rupees and the accused episode The duly arrested was presented in the court where he has been sent to jail. In the said proceedings, the police station was in charge of the police station.


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