Surajpur Police Proceedings: One and a half ton coal and vehicle seized from illegal coal business and 1 accused arrested


Surajpur: On Sunday to stop the business of illegal coal, police has arrested a person, including illegal coal, including the Picture Vehicle by putting a siege. On Sunday, the police station was informed from Mukhmanpur that a pickup vehicle, which is a coal brod, is going towards diversion, which was apprised of the Superintendent of Police Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, on which he was siege to take action. lamps.

Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore and CSP J.P. Under the guidance of Bhartindu, the police team of Thana Bishrampur put a siege in Kuruwa Chowk, only a pickup vehicle showed which was stopped, found the coal load in it, regarding the vehicle. Driver Ashok Rajwade father Pingal Ram resident of Pingal Ram, did not present any documents when demanding documents from Gangikot, Thana bishrampur, which goes to Section 41 (1-4) on the full potential of coal theft. While taking action, one and a half ton coal price was arrested by Rs 5 thousand rupees and the Picture Vehicle Number CG 15 AC 4005 was arrested by the accused Ashok Rajwade. In this proceedings, the police station was in charge of bishrampur Shivkumar Khude, Principal Rakshak Navin Singh, Avinash Singh, Rakshak Sport Rajwade and Umesh Rajwadi


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