On the proceedings of the police station Jaynagar, 2 arrested including the accused, the surveillance crook, who carried out 4 theft incidents

  • had stolen cash and clothes from the rod and shop kept outside the house 
  • 8 bundled rods worth 54 thousand, pickup vehicle and cloth used in transport recovered.

Surajpur: On February 26, Ashish Kushwaha, a resident of village Silphili, filed a report in the police station Jayanagar that he had bought rods for the casting of his under-construction house on February 24 and kept it outside the house in the intervening night of 24.02.2022. 8 bundled rods were stolen by the thief, on the report the crime number 61/22 section 379 Bhadvi was registered. On the information of the case, Superintendent of Police Rajesh Agrawal directed the police station in-charge to closely interrogate the surveillance miscreants, people who had carried out this type of incident in the past and to arrest the accused in the case at the earliest.

Under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore and CSP JP Bharatendu, the police of Jayanagar police station was engaged in tracing the accused, meanwhile, on Monday, information was received from the source that Gaura alias Gaurang Varman, resident of Ganeshpur, was engaged in 2-3 people in the night for a few days. After which the police took the suspect Gaura alias Gaurang into custody. On interrogation, he told that along with his fellow Rambali Rajwade resident Kanakpur and 1 other companion, on the night of 24 February, stealing the rod from near the under construction house and loading it in his pickup vehicle, after which the accused Rambali was taken into custody. .

After closely interrogating both the accused, it was told that the cloth and cash amount from Shivam Collection located on Silphili Main Road, cash and groceries from Galla kept in the grocery shop of Pinku Kushwaha located on Silphili Kushwahapara Latori Road and outside Banbhauri Traders located at Latori Banaras Road. About 2 months ago, in the night, 46 bundles of rods were told to be stolen from a pickup vehicle. Ashish Kushwaha’s 8 bundles of rods costing Rs 54 thousand and the pickup vehicle number CG 29 AE 5506 used in the incident cost Rs 6 lakh, stolen from Shival Collection by confiscating the clothes of the accused Gaura alias Gaurang Varman, father of the accused Ashish Kushwaha. Ratan Varman age 52 years resident Ganeshpur and Rambali Rajwade father Rambaran Rajwade age 19 years resident of Kanakpur police station Jaynagar were arrested. The accused told that the stolen money has been spent. The accused in the case, Gaura alias Gaurang Varman police station, is a surveillance crook of Jayanagar area, who has been arrested in jail in the past in many other cases including theft, snatching, assault. Two accused are absconding in the case, whose trace is being traced.
In this action, station in-charge Jaynagar Subhash Kujur, SI Dinesh Rajwade, ASI Varun Tiwari, Rakesh Yadav, head constable Rajneesh Tripathi, constable Vikas Mishra, Ravi Pandey, Deepak Dubey, Jitendra Singh, Mitesh Mishra, Jaiprakash Yadav, Neeraj Jha and Avinash Kujur are active. are.


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