Inflammatory statement of SP candidate Adil Chaudhary, people thrashed for creating ruckus in the booth


After the statement of selective revenge, SP candidate Adil Chaudhary was creating ruckus at the polling booth, angry people ran and beat him.

In Meerut South, SP Lok Dal candidate Adil Chaudhary was thrashed by people when he was creating a ruckus at a polling booth. The police have registered a case on the complaint of the candidate. It is being told that a video of Adil Chaudhary had gone viral, in which he was seen saying that if our government comes, we will take revenge by counting.

In a press conference in Meerut, SP Lok Dal candidate Adil Choudhary said that on the day of polling, he had gone to Vidya Mandir booth after getting information about disturbances, where some people beat him up. He has lodged a complaint with the police.

In fact, Adil Chaudhary was also assaulted because a video of him had gone viral, in which he was seen saying that “if our government comes, we will take revenge by counting, selectively”. Shown. Adil was speaking like this in a meeting of a particular community. Adil Choudhary created ruckus at Rafiq Memorial School on election day and misbehaved with polling personnel. When he reached the Vidya Mandir booth and started creating ruckus, he got into a fight with the people standing there. People ran and beat him. With great difficulty, the policemen rescued him from the crowd and took him to a safe place. Later, when Adil Chaudhary met with the media, he himself told the sequence of events, but when the media questioned him on the provocative statement, he got up and left.


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