Under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police, a 23-year-old permanent warrant was served, in which 63 permanent warrants were served in 24 hours.

  • Proceedings of Surajpur Police on the instructions of Police Headquarters and Range Headquarters.
  • All the gazetted officers, station in-charge and entire staff of the district are involved in the campaign.
  • Maximum 13 warrants were served by the police station Kotwali.
  • These accused are of NDPS Act, women harassment etc.
  • All officers and employees will be rewarded.

Surajpur. On the instructions of Police Headquarters Raipur and Range Headquarters, a special campaign was launched for the service of permanent warrants in the district. Under the able guidance of Superintendent of Police Rajesh Agrawal and under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore, all gazetted officers and station in-charges and their team served 63 permanent warrants in 24 hours. So far, a large number of permanent warrants have been served in a single day.

In this campaign, maximum 13 permanent warranties were served by police station Surajpur, apart from this, police station Ramanujanagar 09, Premnagar 2, Chandaura 4, Ramkola 2, Bhatgaon 5, Pratappur 1, Jhilmili 2, Chandni 2, Odgi 1, Vishrampur 7, Jaynagar 12 And outpost Basdei 1, Revti 1 and Chowki Latori have served a total of 63 permanent warrants. The Superintendent of Police has announced to reward all the officers and employees involved in this campaign of Permanent Warranty Tamil. In the case of theft, the absconding warranty for the last 23 years has also been caught, while for 5 years, permanent warranty has been served in other cases including NDPS Act.

Under the leadership of police gazetted officers of the district, the police station-in-charge and his police team were engaged for the service of warranties. Many vicious accused were living in the border districts by hiding their identities after being issued a warrant by the court for being involved in the crime of the district. Warranties were met as well as Kovid test was done which were all found negative which were presented in the Hon’ble Court.


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