If you want to do job in Jharkhand then read Urdu


The Jharkhand government has excluded Hindi from third and fourth class jobs in the name of regional language, while on the other hand, Urdu has been given preference in these jobs by considering it as a regional language. Now people are saying that if you want to get job in Jharkhand then study Urdu.

The Jharkhand government has excluded Hindi from the examination for Class III and IV jobs in the state, while giving preference to Urdu. It is being argued that Hindi is not a regional language. Therefore it has been removed. When people ask when Urdu has become the regional language of Jharkhand, no one talks about it. That is, the state government is considering Urdu as a regional language to please the Muslim vote bank.

According to Jharkhand’s famous yoga teacher Rafia Naaz, work is being done to give birth to linguistics in Jharkhand. Efforts are being made to implement the policy of divide and rule in Jharkhand on the lines of the British. He said that all languages ​​have been given equal recognition in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, so why is the Jharkhand government trying to create controversy over it! They say that the government is not able to provide employment and education to the youth, that is why it wants to keep people engrossed in controversy.

It is noteworthy that for the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission’s matriculation and intermediate level competitive examinations, the Jharkhand government has released the list of tribal and regional language through a letter on February 18. The special thing in this letter is that Hindi has not been kept inside any district in Jharkhand, but Urdu has been kept in every district. After this, resentment has spread among the citizens of the entire state. Social activist Basuki Jha says, “The present government of Jharkhand is crossing the heights of Muslim appeasement.” Along with this, he asked the people agitating against languages ​​like Magahi, Bhojpuri etc. whether they would convert Urdu to regional language. Admit it! If not then why are they not opposing Urdu!

State BJP spokesperson Avinesh Kumar says, “Jharkhand government wants to defame and ruin the entire Jharkhand in the greed of vote bank.” Avinesh also says, “Even today thousands of schools in Jharkhand do not teach Urdu. But Hindi is taught in all schools. Even after this, the Jharkhand government wants to open all the jobs for Muslims by including Urdu in the list of regional languages. She goes. In such a situation, whenever an appointment comes out, at most only people from the Muslim community will continue to benefit.

According to Johnny Walker Khan, District President of BJP Minority Morcha, Ranchi Metropolitan, “People of the Muslim community throughout Jharkhand use only the local language of the district in which they live. The definition of regional language for appointment is that they live in that district. People belonging to all classes of people from all walks of life use that language and can be written and read by them, but this is not the case with Urdu.”
Social worker Damodar Mahto believes, “There is a shortage of teachers of tribal language in the whole of Jharkhand, as well as there are neither teachers nor students in the entire state for Urdu. In Jharkhand, Urdu is not taught anywhere other than in madrasas. On the other hand, Hindi is taught in all schools across the state. In such a situation, keeping Urdu in the list of regional languages ​​and bypassing Hindi is an insult to the national language itself. The state government wants to run Jharkhand according to Shariat. In view of the same, the government is doing this kind of work.

Language activist Tirath Nath Akash says, “The first movement was a complete success, but the Jharkhand government was cleverly used to fool the people of Jharkhand. On the one hand Magahi and Bhojpuri were removed from Bokaro and Dhanbad districts, but Urdu was put in. Now there will be a movement against Urdu.

The Personnel Department had released the list of languages ​​on December 23, 2021. After this there were agitations in many districts against the inclusion of Bhojpuri and Magahi as regional languages. The agitators also attacked the car of former Giridih MP Ravindra Rai. In view of this protest, Bhojpuri and Magahi were excluded from the list of regional languages.
Even though Chief Minister Hemant Soren is trying to reach out to his supporters under the guise of the language dispute, but the opinion of the Congress supporting his government is not coming from him.

Jharia Congress MLA Purnima Neeraj Singh says, “The sentiments of the people are being hurt due to the tamasha being made about the language. Hindi is the official language of Jharkhand and it is very important to include Hindi along with other languages.

There is an interesting information about the Urdu which the state government is giving so much preference. Advertisement for the appointment of Urdu teachers was issued for the first time in Jharkhand in 2015-16. At that time, a total of 4401 posts were to be appointed, but only 689 teachers could be found. More than three and a half thousand posts were left vacant. There is not a single teacher of Urdu in Khunti, Gumla and Simdega. Seeing all this, people are very angry with the decision of the government.


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