CPM leader praises China, says ‘India’s anti-China policy is aimed at destabilising Communism


Kochi: Senior CPM leader and politburo member S Ramachandran Pillai triggered a controversy on Thursday after he said the Indian’s government’s anti-China policy is aimed at destabilising the Communist movement in the country.

Addressing the inaugural session of the party district committee meeting in Kottayam, the S Ramachandran Pillai said the Union Government was provoking the public over China to attack the Communist movement, especially the CPI(M). “We will have to face this deliberate attempt from our political rivals,” he said showering enough praises on the neighbouring country.

“China’s growth shows power of socialism. They played a key role in eliminating poverty in the world. But there is a conspiracy against it to undermine its progress and socialism. America is teaming up with other countries against China. We have also surrendered our foreign policy to the United States of America,” the Hindustan Times quoted Pillai as saying.

In August last year, when the nation vaccinated more than one crore people in one Day, CPM, on the same day at 9 pm, celebrated the vaccination drive in China, snubbing India’s achievement. It posted a picture of Chinese President Xi Xinping on its Twitter handle praising the vaccination drive in China.

In 2021, when the Chinese embassy in India celebrated the centenary year of the Chinese Communist Party, the top leadership of the CPM attended the celebrations at the Chinese embassy. CPM Leader Sitaram Yechury wrote a flowery article praising the Chinese Communist Party, not even once mentioning how China has been responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic which has struck the world. (The Organiser)


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