Chath Puja celebrated at Narayan Ghat in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad (Agency) :The festival of faith and devotion Chath Puja concluded today. For the first time, Bihar Cultural Association organized grand chatpuja in Ahmedabad. This ghat is famous for many religious rituals. North Indians living in Ahmedabad also made preparations for this auspicious festival which lasted for four days.

In Ahmedabad, people originally from North India performed puja and night vigil at Narayan Ghat of Subhash Bridge in the city. People from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand living in the district gathered on the banks of Sabarmati river in different areas of Ahmedabad on Thursday and prayed.

On this occasion, Shri PK Jha, CGM, MSME Ministry and Neha Kumari, IAS Deputy Municipal Commissioner Ahmedabad also offered prayers. Addressing the program, Shri PK Jha wished everyone a happy Chhath and thanked the Bihar Cultural Association for organizing Chhath Puja efficiently. IAS Neha Kumari, who herself observes this fast and offered prayers to the Sun God, said that it felt very good to offer prayers at this ghat and gave a good message to everyone.

Mr. Kulesh Jha and Nagendra Jha of Bihar Cultural Association said, “Every year, pujas are organized on the banks of the river in different parts of the city. We hope that organizing Chhath at Narayan Ghat is a new dimension for the people of Bihar for the benefit of Chhath puja worshipers and the cooperation of Gujarat government and administration is praiseworthy.

He further said that gathering of crowd of people on the occasion of Chhath Puja could have beeen a issue foradministratiom to manage, but due to the tireless efforts of Prabhat Kumar Jha Saheb, permission was granted to celebrate Chhath Puja at Narayan Ghat of Subhash Bridge by requesting the administration. As every year about one lakh people gather on the river banks during this great festival.


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