5 accused arrested including 5 stolen motorcycles, proceedings of outpost Umeshwarpur police


Surajpur. On 02.01.2022, Azad Singh, a resident of village Salka, filed a report in Outpost Umeshwarpur that during the work of road construction in Salka, between 10-28 December 2021, 4 nos of battery was transferred from a water tanker to Asandas, Theft has been done by Manoj, Karan Sahu and Jaisingh. On the report of the applicant, the case of crime number 2/22 section 379 Bhadvi was registered in the outpost Umeshwarpur and the police team caught the accused Manoj, Karan Sahu and Jaisingh on the information of the informer, from whose possession 3 nos of batteries were recovered and all three were arrested on 17 January 2022. He was arrested and sent to judicial remand. Asanadas, the absconding accused in the case, was being traced with enthusiasm. In-charge Superintendent of Police Rajesh Agrawal had given instructions to the police station in-charges to arrest the accused of serious crimes, theft and other cases at the earliest.

Under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore and SDOP Premnagar Prakash Soni, the police of outpost Umeshwarpur was engaged in tracing the accused, meanwhile on Saturday, February 12, on the information of the informer, the accused Asandas father Jayalal Das was caught by siege in village Salka. On interrogation, the accused told that he was also involved in the battery theft incident and threw his share of the battery in the forest of the village, which was not found after extensive search. The accused also told that he had gone to steal the battery from the stolen Honda Sign motor cycle, after which the accused Asanadas was duly arrested after confiscating the said motor cycle from his house.
On Saturday, during the investigation of the same case, information was received from the informer that Paner Singh and Manbodh Singh of village Salka were trying to sell the stolen motor cycle, after which the police team raided and caught both of them. Two stolen Honda Sign, Spender Plus and one motorcycle HF Deluxe from Manbodh Singh’s house were recovered from the house of Paner Singh. Meanwhile, information was received that 2 persons from Chowki Morga area are looking for a customer in village Salka trying to sell motorcycles, after which the police laid siege in Khaspara village Paturihadand, outpost Morga resident Khelsay Kanwar and village Gidmidi, Chowki Morga, Thana. Kaushal Prasad Kanwar, a resident of Bango, was caught with a Yamaha motor cycle. On interrogation, both told that they had come to sell the stolen Yamaha motor cycle. Police of Outpost Umeshwarpur has recovered 5 pieces of motor cycle worth Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand from 5 accused. In the case, taking action against the accused Paner Singh, Manbodh Singh, Khelsay Kanwar, Kaushal Prasad Kanwar under section 41(1-4) J.F./379 Bhadvi, duly arrested and presented in the court from where they were sent to jail. Gone.

In this proceedings, the station in-charge Premnagar Vipin Lakra, outpost in-charge Umeshwarpur Maheshwar Singh, head constable Kapil Singh, constable Vikram Singh, Surendra Singh, Yuvraj Yadav, Roshan Singh, Vinod Sarathi, Shivshankar Singh, Mangalmurti Netam, Dhananjay Rajwade, Sandeep Khakha and soldier Ravindra Singh remained active.


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