Here’s How Assam Zoo is Keeping Cold at Bay


Last Updated: January 07, 2023, 18:47 IST

A tiger in his enclosure with a blower in Assam Zoo. (ANI)

A tiger in his enclosure with a blower in Assam Zoo. (ANI)

Royal Bengal tigers and lions have revolving room heaters and blowers. The zoo authorities have coated the enclosures with tarpaulin to chop off the chilly wind and impeded the dew at night time.

As temperatures proceed to dip throughout Assam, the furry animals of the luxurious inexperienced Guwahati Zoo are well-tended and all ready to take care of the cruel climate.

An array of latest options, like high-voltage lights, particular enclosures with their focused method to maintain animals heat have been this seasons greetings.

Walking within the majestic premises of the one zoo of the northeastern state, one can discover these rigorously curated new installations.

“Warm Innovations”

At the reptile enclosure, high-voltage lights have been installed to keep the snakes and tortoises warm. On the ground, hay has been heaped so that the turtles can stack themselves and beat the chill.

Pacing along with the swarm of visitors, the Aviary and the special enclosure housing the love birds have their share of warmth.

The zoo authorities have covered the enclosures with tarpaulin to cut off the cold wind and impeded the dew at night.

“We do not want the animals to fall sick or develop any other complications due to the cold,” Ashwini Kumar, DFO Assam State Zoo told News18.

“These animals are captive and they stay inside the enclosures during the night hours. Inside the enclosure, the chill is more and we do not want to take any chances. The open enclosure is covered during the night. The Feline, the small birds the reptile and the canines feel the cold most,” Kumar added.

Walking along with zoo trail, the winter cover for the Felines is massive and prominent. The Hill Cat in its afternoon nap seemed comfortable in the warmth of the day.

“Royal privilege” 

However, it’s the Royal Bengal tigers and the lions who have the royal privilege to comfort themselves on cold nights. These animals have revolving room heaters and blowers in front of their cages to keep them warm.

“We have nine Royal Bengal Tigers including two albino ones. During this winter we have provided room heaters and blowers in front of each enclosure. This is to keep them warm on winter nights. We as a practice keep two animals out in the open enclosure and the rest in the cage to prevent in-fighting,” mentioned Rockybur Husain, the Zoo Keeper attending Royal Bengal Tiger in Assam State Zoo.

New additions within the zoo

By February finish this yr, the Assam State Zoo is all set to welcome new Giraffes from Patna Zoo and Zebras from Mysore Zoo.

The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden (popularly referred to as Guwahati Zoo) is the most important of its sort within the North East area and it is unfold throughout 432 acres (175 hectares).

The zoo is positioned inside the Hengrabari Reserved Forest in Guwahati. The zoo is dwelling to about 895 animals, birds and reptiles representing virtually 113 species of animals and birds from around the globe.

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