Firing on Owaisi’s car, not a conspiracy to defame Hindus?


Two youths who opened fire on Asaduddin Owaisi’s car have been taken into custody. Those who are being interrogated. On this attack on Owaisi, the question is also being raised whether this is a conspiracy that will defame Hindus.

Many questions have arisen on the attack on AIMIM President and MP Asaduddin Owaisi on the toll barrier while coming from Kithor to Meerut. Four bullets were fired at Owaisi’s car last night. On this attack on Owaisi, the question is also being raised whether this is a conspiracy which will defame Hindus.

Two youths who opened fire on Asaduddin Owaisi’s car while campaigning for West UP elections have been detained. They are being interrogated. According to Praveen Kumar, IG of Meerut zone, the SIT of the police is interrogating both the youths, Sachin and Shubham.

According to the information, both the youths are related to Deoband, they are residents of that place, during interrogation, Sachin told that he has no enmity with Asaduddin Owaisi, he is complaining to his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi who is spreading the politics of hatred.

Questions have also been raised on the firing on Asaduddin Owaisi’s car. It is being said that this seems to be a conspiracy to defame Hindus, the question is arising that the attackers on Owaisi’s car kept the pistol down and fired near the tire, that is, they did not intend to kill him, secondly that Who informed the attackers about their arrival time and route. A question also arises when the car was fired upon, why did Owaisi’s security guards not retaliate? How did the attackers get caught so easily when everyone knew that they had weapons and were firing bullets. The shooters were either novices or “specialists”.

The police can issue their statement by late evening regarding the firing on Owaisi, the forensic team has also reached the spot and investigated, as well as the car on which the bullets were fired, the police have also seized it. The police are questioning the youths in detail about the weapons recovered from them and on other subjects.

Owaisi has raised questions on the law and order situation of UP by tweeting and issuing his statement. So at the same time, BJP MP and Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan has said that this can also be a conspiracy to defame BJP and Hindu society, which the police should investigate impartially.

There is a confusion in this story, 6 lies are clearly visible

1. Owaisi says that he came to know about the attack after hearing the blast and telling Yameen. That is, he did not see Sachin firing nor did he bow down, but the story of the police says that Owaisi saw Sachin firing.

2. Owaisi made a tweet at 9.49 pm on the night of the incident, showing the spot, in which a pistol is seen lying on the spot, but the police arrested Sachin at 11 pm and Shubham at 4 am and recovered the pistol from both When told to do, how the pistol seen on the spot disappeared from the police records.

3. According to the FIR of the police, Sachin’s Facebook page is in the name of patriot Sachin Hindu and he wanted to kill Owaisi only because of his anti-Hindu speeches, so Sachin was in constant contact with Arif, who contested elections in Dhaulana from Owaisi’s party. . The story goes that there was a friendship between Arif of Owaisi’s party and the patriot Sachin Hindu.

4. In the first FIR of the attack on Owaisi, which Yameen has filed, he has also written the names of the witnesses of the incident, but in the second FIR of the police, when the arrest of Sachin and Shubham, as well as the scene of the recovery of the weapon used in the crime. If it goes, sometimes by telling the night and telling the cold in the morning, the compulsion of not getting an independent witness has been written.

5. In the police FDR, Sachin says that he had planned the attack on January 22 in Ghaziabad. He also went to the meetings of Meerut, Kithore on the day of the incident, but there was a crowd so did not get the chance. He saw the opportunity at the toll booth itself, but in 70 km between Kithor and the toll booth, there are 3 places where the car is slower than the toll booth. There is neither CCTV installed nor people are present there.

6. There is also a contradiction in how many bullets Sachin fired. Shubham fired one shot, then it did not fire, he had 10 bullets, 9 were recovered. Sachin had 12 bullets, 7 recovered. That is, he spent five bullets. 2 bullets hit Owaisi’s car, where were the remaining 3? The police have no answer for this.

Organizations like VHP Bajrang Dal Hindu Jagran Manch have also demanded for a fair investigation into the attack on Owaisi and said that it looks like a conspiracy so that Hindu organizations are maligned.


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