Delhi Police prepares to arrest Maulana Saad, collects evidence


New Delhi: The Crime Branch of Delhi Police is preparing to arrest Maulana Saad, the head of Tabligi Jamaat. According to sources, the police have collected evidence against Saad and all the people named in the FIR, now they can be questioned at some place. The crime branch will also include doctors in its team, so that Maulana could not make excuses for medical reasons during the investigation. First all the accused will be questioned separately. After this, they will also be questioned face to face.

More than 5,000 people from India and abroad participated in the program held in Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi from March 1 to 15, but even after that, around 2000 people stayed here, while most of them returned to their homes before lockdown. Maulana is accused of misleading the people involved in the event and endangering the lives of people. The crime branch has so far issued notices to him twice.

Maulana can make many excuses for not cooperating in the inquiry. He can avoid questions by asking him to return immediately from home quarantine. He can also say that he is not aware of the current status of the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters due to being in Quarantine for 14 days. The police is taking all these aspects into consideration. The Crime Branch has refused to comment on the medical examination of Maulana in Quarantine and confiscation of any documents from the Tablighi Jamaat headquarters.

On the possibility of Saad and his associates applying for anticipatory bail, the police said the law was for everyone. However, the accused will have to answer the police questions. The police have just been told that Maulana Home is in Quarantine. We are waiting for his quarantine time to complete, because it is also important to take care of social distancing due to Corona. The police is fully prepared. At the moment there will not be much need for proof. Further action will be based on the statement of the accused.


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