Ukraine preparing to strike back Russia? Experts propose best time, place for counter attack



Kyiv: As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is ready to flip a yr previous in lower than two months and peace hopes fade away, consultants predict that the battle might quickly attain an important turning level.

A report by Euronews quoted Peter Dickinson, Ukraine analyst on the Atlantic Council, saying that Ukraine has been fairly, regardless of relentless Russian air strikes. He feels that Kyiv is “marshalling and holding back troops and ammunition for a new major attack on Russian positions.”

“They’ve got to maintain the momentum that they’ve built up: First in September with the capture of the Kharkiv region, and then in November with the liberation of Kherson,” he stated.

He additional stated new offensive would even be “crucial to maintain the support of the international community”.

Dickinson stated that the battle would exhibit whether or not large monetary and navy effort by the worldwide group for Ukraine is bringing outcomes.

‘Strike while ground is still frozen’

The report quoted former US Army colonel Liam Collins saying that Ukraine have to counter strike earlier than snow melts in spring, making unpaved roads troublesome to use.

“Everybody remembers the flooding in the first stages of Russia’s invasion. It’s very challenging to conduct an offensive and move troops around in those conditions. Ukraine are going to want to stage this attack while the ground is frozen and in favourable state for them,” Collins stated.

He additional stated Ukrainians have benefit over Russians as they’ll in combat low or sub-zero temperatures. “Those systems have been stressed for the Russians from the onset and weather conditions will only make that harder. The only advantage the Russians have in this conflict is mass,” Collins added.

Where ought to Ukraine start attacking from?

Keeping in view the logistics, Dickinson stated that the obvious location for the offensive can be the south, straight down to the Azov Sea coast.

“Probably in the region of Berdyansk, perhaps towards Melitopol, to isolate from resupply the Russian forces that head towards Crimea,” he added.

He additional stated that such an attack from Ukraine aspect can be a much bigger model of the Kherson offensive repeated during which the Russian forces had been primarily minimize off, blockaded and compelled to retreat as they weren’t ready to resupply themselves.

Meanwhile, Collins feels that extra the Russians are pressured to transfer backward, tougher it will likely be to combat them.

He went on to say that by re-capturing giant a part of its territories, Ukraine has pushed Russians into smaller areas. Also, on the identical time, Russian troops can’t conduct giant scale fireplace manoeuvre as they don’t have the potential.

“It’s just massing their artillery, with little tactical and strategic value, and at a great cost,” Collins added.

“If Ukraine is effective with their advance and start bombing to hit the supply lines in the commandos of the Russians, we’re going to see them able to take up larger territories at some point during a large-scale counter-offensive, most likely later in the winter,” Collins stated.

Send out false info

Dickinson feels that Ukraine ought to strive to get the Russians off guard by sending out “false information”.

“Ukraine has proved very skilled at pulling surprises”, he stated.

Russia started ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine on 24 February, 2022.

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