Russia is the first nation to face ‘financial nuke war’


New Delhi: Russia became the target of 2,778 new sanctions designations, bringing them to more than 5,530, according to a global sanctions-tracking database.

“This is financial nuclear war and the largest sanctions event in history,” said Peter Piatetsky, a former Treasury Department official.

Media reports say the nation-leading penalty against Russia is Switzerland, with 568 sanctions actions. Among others, there are 518 from the EU and 512 for France. The big brother, the U.S., has imposed 243 sanctions actions.

True; these numbers mean Russia has surpassed Iran, which has confronted 3,616 sanctions against it over a decade. According to Western countries, Tehran’s offence is Iran’s nuclear program and support of terrorism.

There is little to dispute that the global pressure on Russia has increased nearly every day. Over the weekend, it has been reported that Amex and Netflix joined the growing list of companies withdrawing from or suspending operations in Russia.

Russia has an international reputation and also friends. RIC comprising Russia, India, and China remains a vital platform, notwithstanding some differences. Beijing depends on Moscow’s oil pipeline and coal.

India has strong ties with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Here is another fact of the matter-China, Pakistan and India are 40 per cent of the world population.

Russia has started the fight; the west has gone against the nation and its president Putin. Yet, it would be erroneous to suggest that Putin is alone and friendless.

No wonder California based academician Michael McFaul says
– “@POTUS @ABlinken @JakeSullivan46 have led the free world in providing more weapons for Ukraine than anyone ever expected and more sanctions against Russia than anyone could have imagined 2 weeks ago.”

 And now it’s time to do more. More weapons. More sanctions, he adds.


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