How will the assault weapon help Moscow in the Ukraine struggle?


Russia to produce upgraded AK-12 rifles: How will the assault weapon help Moscow in the Ukraine war?

AK-12 rifles have a 5.45mm caliber and a free-floated barrel. Reuters File Photo

Russia will start the manufacturing of the new mannequin of the Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifle this yr.

According to the Russia Today report, Rostec protection consortium has finalised an improve of the weapon which will “reflect the experience” gained by the Russian troops throughout the ongoing Ukraine struggle.

“We are working in cooperation with the military and are getting their feedback,” Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostec, stated whereas unveiling the modified rifle.

“We can promptly react to the changing needs [of the army] and introduce construction changes as well as improving our products,” Chemezov was quoted as saying by Russia Today.

New mannequin of AK-12 rifles

Produced by arms producer Kalashnikov Concern, the new AK-12 model has been improved to make it extra “user-friendly and ergonomic”, Chemezov stated, as per the Russia Today report.

Kalashnikov, partly owned by Russia’s state-owned Rostec arms conglomerate, supplies 95 per cent of the nation’s small arms, famous Business Insider.

Last September, Kalashnikov Concern’s president Alan Lushnikov informed the RIA state information company that they’re modernising the AK-12 weapon.

As per a Reuters report, the modifications embody two-way management of firing modes, adjustable cheek relaxation and disabling the two-round burst cut-off.

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Features of present AK-12 rifles

AK-12 has a 5.45mm caliber which provides it excessive “operational accuracy and fire density” as in comparison with its earlier generations, the report stated.

The rifle is provided with Picatinny rails for “gun sights and laser target indicators”, in response to Russia Today. 

“The AK-12 is also outfitted with an easily detachable bayonet-type high-performance muzzle brake. The muzzle’s design allows installing noiseless and flameless firing devices,” Russia’s TASS company reported in July final yr.

Russia to produce upgraded AK12 rifles How will the assault weapon help Moscow in the Ukraine war

The AK-12 was designed to exchange the AK-74M assault rifle. Wikimedia Commons File Photo

It was designed to exchange the AK-74M assault rifle which supplied poor steadiness and ergonomics, as per a Military Today article.

Resembling the earlier AK-100 collection weapons, AK-12 rifles – which have a free-floated barrel – have been adopted by the Russian Army in 2018.

The AK-12 is a “gas-operated, selective fire weapon”, states Military Today.

While there have been many prototypes of the AK-12, the last model was primarily based on the AK-400 prototype mannequin and was recognized as “more reliable, more accurate, and better suited among the modern Russian equipment”, says SOFREP.

According to Army Recognition, weighing 3.Three kg, the AK-12 rifle is 0.945 mm lengthy, with a barrel size of 415 mm.

Its hearth price is estimated to be 1,000 rounds per minute. Its journal capability is 30 rounds and the rifle has an efficient vary of 625 m, says the SOFREP web site.

“The iron sights of the AK-12 are also improved versus the AK-74M, although the change could be a controversial move. The AK-12’s iron sights are peep sights mounted close to the shooter’s face, similar to those on the M16. This allows for more accurate fire, with the tradeoff of the sights requiring more training to use rapidly and effectively,” Charlie Gao, a commentator on protection and national-security points, wrote for the US’ The National Interest journal in 2019.

‘Poison bullet’

The AK household rifle has a protracted historical past of operation in conflicts. As per The Print, round 7.5 million rifles of the AK collection are in use throughout the world and are developed in varied nations.

It shouldn’t be solely utilized by armed forces but additionally by terror teams.

Russia to produce upgraded AK12 rifles How will the assault weapon help Moscow in the Ukraine war

Around 7.5 million AK household rifles are in use throughout the world. AFP (Representational Image)

During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, Erenow says that mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan had dubbed the 5.45×39mm cartridge of the AK rifles “poison bullets” because of its damaging capabilities.

“The mujahideen so feared this mysterious new rifle and its odd-sized cartridge that they called it “poison bullet” due to its virtually supernatural damaging energy. The new bullet was not solely smaller than earlier AK rounds, a lot of which the mujahideen had captured throughout raids, however it was additionally extra lethal — much more so than the M-16 spherical that had prompted its growth,” Erenow stated.

As per Silah Report, the 5.45 spherical gained reputation in the areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan since then and continues to be utilized by the Russian navy.

The cartridge known as Kalakov inside Pakistan and Afghanistan, Silah Report additional stated.

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