Four Australia Gurdwaras Organise Khalistani Event, Report Says Such Events Are Routinely Organised


Australian Hindu News reported such pro-Khalistani and anti-India events are routinely organised and play a big role in radicalising the Sikh youths.

Australian Hindu news reported four Victorian Gurudwaras: Craigieburn, Tarneit, Plumpton, and Miri Piri Deanside, had organised a pro-Khalistani event on February 20 in Australia.

As part of the event, a car rally was organised on February 20, which simultaneously started at Tarneit and Keysborough Gurdwaras and ended at Craigieburn Gurudwara.

At the Craigieburn Gurudwara, a giant poster with a picture of Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, sandwiched between two Khalistani flags, was put up with a message ‘End Hindu Fascism’. Khalistani flags were displayed all over the rally as well. Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, who was accused in the 2021 Republic Day violence, died in a car accident near Delhi on February 15.

In a Twitter post on February 21, Australian Hindu Media said, “Entrance of a Gurdwara in Australia. Nestled between 2 Khalistan flags are pictures of Deep Sidhu with the words “End Hindu Fascism.” Deep Sidhu died in a car accident. He was an accused in the violent 2021 Indian Republic Day attack on Delhi’s Red Fort.”

In an exclusive report, Australian Hindu Media reported, “management committee members of Tarneit, Miri Piri Deanside and Plumpton Gurudwaras, and some Khalistani activists met for several hours at Tarneit Gurdwara on the evening of Friday, February 18 2022 to finalise plans for the events. At this meeting, it was decided that the car rally would end at Craigieburn.”

Tarneit is the same Gurdwara where the then Indian High Commissioner Dr AM Gondane and Melbourne Consulate-General Manika Jain were heckled, and anti-India slogans were raised on November 17, 2017. A video of the incident had gone viral.

Last year, when protesting farmers had blocked the entry routes in Delhi for many months, intelligence agencies had alerted that the Khalistani elements infiltrated the protest. Khalistanis in Australia and Canada had supported the protesting farmers.

On November 19, PM Modi, in a televised address, announced the rollback of three farm laws, a major demand of the protesting farmers.

PM Modi, on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, had said, “Main aaj deshavaasiyon se kshama maangate hue, sachche man se aur pavitr hriday se kahana chaahata hoon ki shaayad hamaaree tapasya mein hee koee kamee rahee hogee jisake kaaran diye ke prakaash jaisa saty kuchh kisaan bhaiyon ko ham samajha nahin pae. aaj Guru Nanak Dev ji ka pavitra Prakash Parv hai. yah samay kisee ko bhee dosh dene ka nahin hai (Today, while apologising to the countrymen, I want to say with a sincere and pure heart that perhaps there must have been some deficiency in our efforts, due to which we could not explain the truth like the light of the lamp to some farmers).”

“Aaj main aapako, poore desh ko, ye bataane aaya hoon ki hamane teenon krishi kaanoonon ko vaapas lene ka nirnay liya hai. (Today, I have come to tell you, the whole country, that we have decided to repeal all three farm laws.),” he had added.

What caught everyone’s attention was when PM Modi said what I had done was for the farmers and what I’m doing is for the country.


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