Fake accounts created in Pakistan to defame India over Hijab row, says fact-checker


Islamabad [Pakistan]: Pakistan is using the digital medium to fulfil their ‘wicked agenda’ and defame India on the ongoing Hijab row controversy, reported Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center (DFRAC).

Pakistan is playing this “dirty trick” to disturb India’s internal peace and distract common people from the problems in their own country.
Notably, a section of students protested, demanding to ensure ‘uniform norms’ for girl students in Government Degree College in Karnataka and asked the girls to attend classes without wearing hijab.

There are thousands of fake accounts created that are using the popular hashtags over Hijab row. The geographical location and other data reveal that the top five accounts that interacted the most with the controversy hashtags are from Pakistan.

Following this, a video of a girl, Muskan Khan, went viral where she was being heckled by a group of miscreants over the removal of a Hijab.

The geographical map shows that much traffic over the controversy is coming from different countries with #Muskan. The maximum number of users who tweeted on this hashtag were from Pakistan, with more than 3000 users tweeting on the topic.

According to the data, more than 125 new accounts were created for the hashtag Muskan on February 9, just when the hashtag was at its peak.

One account tweeted as many false and misleading tweets as it could. In one of the tweets, this fake account has thanked the Taliban, and in another, it had thanked Khalistan. The account has also posted a tweet mentioning Jinnah. Furthermore, the previous location of this account was Pakistan.

In a similar incident, another account had deleted all its tweets before February 8, the day this protest started. After that, this account started tweeting all about the Hijab protest, reported the research centre, which focuses on fact-checking and identifying hate speech.
Similarly, there are many other fake accounts by the name of Muskan like @muskankhan_0786, @musk_a_n, @muskan1O, @MuskanKhanbibi, and many more.

Mostly the hashtag used was #Muskan. There were other hashtags too — #allahuakbar, #MuslimGirls, #HijabRow, #Sherni, among others.

According to DFRAC, a non-partisan and independent media organisation, many imposters in Pakistan are misleading people in many ways. In one instance, an account named Hira Yusuf(@PapaPrinces4) changed its username to @JosieWilliam and then to @JosieTourist., explaining that many tweets are part of an agenda. (ANI)


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