So has the electoral politics of Uttarakhand become polarized?


The election campaign in Uttarakhand has ended, on February 14, all 70 seats are to be voted here. By the end of the election campaign, the politics of Uttarakhand seems to be polarized. After the Congress leaders talked about Muslim University, BJP did not miss any opportunity and capitalized on this issue.

When the elections were announced, Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami used to talk about development in his speeches. At the same time, while speaking on the topic of nationalism, he used to talk about the self-respect of the military families. It was felt that he was initially reluctant to talk of Hindutva. Probably he is the Chief Minister of the state, so he kept away from the controversial issue.

Political appeasement in Uttarakhand started with the statement of Aqueel Ahmed, the state vice president of Congress and Muslim leader of Sahaspur, in which he said that Harish Rawat had promised him that a Muslim university would be set up in Selakui if the Congress government came to power. As soon as this statement came, BJP got a big issue.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, who was sitting still till now, also attacked the Congress and started questioning their Muslim appeasement politics. Wherever Dhami held public meetings, he raised the issue of Muslim University. When Home Minister Amit Shah came to Uttarakhand, he accused the Congress of one more appeasement by raising the issue of holiday for Friday prayers in the Muslim University as well as in the previous Harish Rawat government. When Prime Minister Modi came to Srinagar, Almora and Rudpur to hold public meetings, he also surrounded the Congress for making universities in gestures and said that the Congress did not know what to do for votes.

Shri Modi also raised questions on the Congress declaring the Ganga stream of Haridwar Harki Paidi as a canal and accused it of obstructing development works in Kedarnath Badrinath Dham. When Congress talked about Muslim appeasement, BJP left no stone unturned to prove Congress anti-Hindu by talking about Badri Kedar Haridwar. Two days before the election campaign, BJP put its vision paper in front of everyone and the first point in it was that the government would make a strong land law on population imbalance in Dev Bhoomi, later PM Modi also said in his public meeting that from the nature of Dev Bhoomi No one will be allowed to molest. His indication was clear that the way the minority population is increasing in Dev Nagar, the government is worried.

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in his address came to Tehri and surrounded the Congress for doing the politics of appeasement. He clearly said that Congress has made up its mind that it is anti-Hindu. On the last day of the election campaign, Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami announced on one hand that if he returns to the government, the first task will be to bring the Uniform Civil Code Bill. This master stroke of BJP is proving effective in the intelligentsia. This bill is applicable in Goa, due to the implementation of Uniform Civil Law in Uttarakhand, the politics of appeasement will be stopped.

Congress started the election campaign of Chardham Char Kaam, but did not mention development and ex-servicemen welfare, whereas BJP put forward the account of one lakh forty thousand rupees ongoing schemes in Uttarakhand and also to inform the voters. It has been tried that if the double engine government does not come, then what will happen to these schemes, they should think about it on the basis of past experiences.

However, in the pre-polling atmosphere in Uttarakhand assembly elections, BJP is getting wind of BJP, Congress is also in a state of struggle, this situation happened only due to the statement of Aqeel Ahmed from where the countdown of Congress started.


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