Saffron shawl in response to hijab in Karnataka college


The protest against the hijab is increasing in the country. While the controversy over wearing hijab in college continues in Udupi, Karnataka, now a similar case has come to the fore in Kundapur as well. On Wednesday, around 100 boys protested by wearing saffron shawls when some girls reached a college in Kundapur, 40 km from Udupi, wearing hijab.

Kundapur MLA Haladi Srinivas Shetty held a meeting with the college authorities and students, in which a consensus could not be reached between the two sides as the parents of the girls said that their children have the right to wear hijab. At the same time, the officials clarified that the students should follow the rule of wearing a uniform uniform.

In fact, earlier, about half a dozen girl students of a pre-university government college in Udupi district of Karnataka refused to remove the hijab in the class. In the secondary school, these girl students of class 12th level were requested by a group of district officials to take off the hijab and take part in the class. The assistant commissioner of the district had asked the girl students to remove the hijab only for attending classes and to wear hijab on the campus. After this the students also protested. There was a lot of discussion on social media regarding this performance.


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