Police raid on senior journalist’s ancestral house in Bihar condemned nationwide


Madhubani/New Delhi (Agency). The police raid on the ancestral residence of the India’s s renowned senior journalist Dr. Samarendra Pathak in Bihar during the midnight of Chhath festival, has been condemned by everyone. Also strict action has been demanded against the culprits.

Various Political, Social and Journalist organizations have demanded immediate action from top officials of the state including Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav. The organization’s  has also warned of a demonstration if necessary.

Bheja police station of Madhubani district in Bihar had raided the ancestral residence of senior journalist Dr Pathak on the midnight of Chhath festival. When his family members were providing necessary facilities to the people participating in the Chhath festival as per their hundred years old ancestral religious traditions.

However, the in-charge of Bheja police station, who was leading the raid, did not find anything objectionable at the residence and the police returned empty handed.  Police also said that this action has been taken on the instructions of higher officials but did not reveal the name of the anti-social element and who spread the unrest on the occasion of the festival.

Meanwhile, there was heated discussion regarding this incident in the central offices of JDU, RJD, BJP and Congress. The leaders were shocked about it and wondered who was the mastermind behind such an act and Why no action been taken on it yet ?

Dr. Pathak told that he has also received information about this.  He said that any such action will not affect his zeal of working for public service. He said that it will be seen further on the information of which influential and agency the police took this action.

Sultan khureshi, head of the Joint Forum of Journalist Organizations.  International Head of SAARC Journalist Forum and President of Indian Journalist Association Ram Nath Vidrohi, President of United Indian Journalist Association (UIJA) Umendra Dadhich, Chief of Periodical Press of India Dr. Surendra Sharma, Senior Journalist of Bihar Sushil Bharti and Supreme Court Bar Association member Keshav Chaudhary has demanded immediate action against the culprits of this incident, otherwise warned of a nationwide agitation.


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