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Noting that residents of the nation are “descendants of common ancestors”, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday (October 24) mentioned that “devotion to Bharat Mata unites people” and that it ought to be adopted by all regardless of caste, sect and faith.

Addressing the annual RSS Vijayadashami Utsav right here, Dr Bhagwat mentioned that the geographic location of India offered pure safety with mountains on three sides in addition to sea and that individuals within the nation had devoted their time in the hunt for inner reality which additionally manifested because the “unity of the world”.

“This is the blessing of Bharat Mata. Devotion to Bharat Mata is what holds us all together…This is applicable to all castes, sects, religions,” he mentioned.

Dr Bhagwat mentioned that individuals ought to comply with those that had strived arduous to protect the nation’s tradition and civilisational heritage.

“Three elements – devotion to the motherland, pride in forefathers and common culture – make us one nation by tying together all diversities of language, region, religion, sect, caste, sub-caste. Even those who follow faiths which have come from outside must follow these three elements,” he mentioned.

Dr Bhagwat mentioned that reality, compassion, inner and exterior purity of coronary heart and penance are 4 ideas “of all our Dharmic faiths”.

“Our ancestors lived these values, leading to the development of our culture. We must live those values,” he mentioned. Dr Bhagwat mentioned India has a number of faiths and a few extra got here on account of international invasions.

“We are all-inclusive, accept everyone. Devotion to Mother India is applicable to everyone. We are descendants of common ancestors,” he mentioned.

“The countries of the world discovered some man-made basis of unity like religion, and language. But these bases (of unity) were not durable. And there was not much diversity in those countries. They do not understand that despite having so many languages, sects, societies, customs and others, there has been unity in India for centuries. This thing both surprises and attracts them,” he added.

Dr Bhagwat additionally referred to the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 and mentioned that makes an attempt to reap votes by inflaming feelings should not fascinating.

“Let us avoid these things, as they hurt the unity of the society. To cast vote is the duty of every citizen, and we must follow it. Cast your vote keeping in mind the vital issues of unity, integrity, identity, and development of the country,” he mentioned.

Dr Bhagwat referred to India internet hosting a profitable G20 Summit.

“The hospitality of Indians was praised. People from different countries experienced our diversity. They saw our diplomatic skills as well as our honest goodwill. Our leadership gave India a place in the world,” Dr Bhagwat mentioned in his customary tackle.

The RSS Sarsanghchalak additionally pointed to threats that ought to be addressed.

“There are some people in the world and in also India who do not want India should move forward. They try to create factions and clashes in society. Because of our unawareness and lack of belief, we also sometimes get entangled in it, and unnecessary nuisances are created. If India progresses, they will not be able to play their games; therefore, they continuously oppose. They adopt particular ideologies just for the sake of opposing” Dr Bhagwat mentioned.

The annual ‘Vijayadashmi Utsav’ of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) began with staff’ ‘Path Sanchalan’ (route march) in Nagpur earlier in the present day. Singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan was the chief visitor.

On the event, Dr Bhagwat paid tribute to the founding father of the organisation Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. He additionally carried out ‘Shastra Pooja’ on ‘Vijayadashami Utsav’.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had been additionally current on the occasion.

RSS was based in 1925 in Nagpur on Vijayadashami day. Dignitaries from numerous fields are invited as chief company yearly for the Vijayadashami Utsav.

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