Jihadis attack Gausevak activists, defile temple premises in Hyderabad


A group of Islamist goons attacked Gausevak activists in Hyderabad on Tuesday (February 22) night. The Gausevaks were attacked while they were trying to prevent the smuggling of cows. Six Gausevaks were injured in the attack.

The activists spotted four cattle smugglers carrying cows in a Bolero car. When they followed the car, a Jihadi mob armed with swords and knives came to support the smugglers.

While two of the activists fled the scene fearing for their lives, the remaining others took refuge at a nearby Hanuman temple for safety. The Jihadi mob barged into the temple wearing shoes and defiled the sanctity of the temple premises. The devotees and local residents raised protests against the assailants and informed the police about the crime.

The attackers reportedly escaped after being outnumbered. A large number of police personnel have been deployed in the area to ensure law and order. Cows were taken to Meerpet police station, and the smugglers were arrested by Bhavanipur police.


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