Basdei police arrested the grandson who killed grandfather over money dispute


Surajpur: On 26.01.2022, Lali Singh, resident of village Basdei (Bhandarpara) filed a report in the outpost Basdei that Bhaiyalal of the village came to his house on January 25 and said that the family members quarrel by demanding money, I will stay in your house. On January 26, at around 8.30 pm, Bhaiyalal’s grandson Sunil came to his house and told Bhaiyalal that I have to give back the money borrowed, after taking out the money from the bank and saying two, abusing him and killing him by hitting him in the head with a stick. On the report, the outpost Basdei police registered the crime of crime number 43/22 section 302, 460 by establishing a route. On the information of the matter, Superintendent of Police Rajesh Agrawal, inspecting the incident site closely, directed for the early arrest of the accused.

Under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore and SDOP Surajpur Geeta Wadhwani, the police of Chowki Basdei caught the accused Sunil Singh from his village. On interrogation, the accused told that the father died in the year 2021 due to illness, for whose treatment he had borrowed Rs 1 lakh, this year he and his brother had done farming together and the paddy money came in Baba’s account. Asked for money several times, Baba refused to give, due to which Baba Bhaiyalal was killed by beating him in the head with a stick. After confiscating the stick used in the incident on the spot of the accused, accused Sunil Singh’s father Late. Rajesh Singh aged 21 years was duly arrested.
Outpost in-charge Basdei Sanjay Singh, Principal constable Rahul Gupta, Mahendra Yadav, Thomas Minj, constable Devdutt Dubey, Suresh Sahu, Goreshwar, Mahendra Pratap Singh and Amresh Dubey were active in this action.


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