Electorate shun mid-summer adventurism, TMC draws zero in Goa


New Delhi: The trends available so far from elections in five states suggest that the people have rejected any ‘adventurism’ brand of politics in various parts of the country.

In Goa, Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress made a big hype about its sudden entry into the state, but it is nowhere in the race.

Of the trends available from all 40 seats in the state assembly, its vote share is nearly negligible at 5.33 per cent. The vote share of AAP is slightly higher at 7.03 per cent, and it also established a lead in two seats. AAP had contested Goa polls earlier as well.

The battle in Goa is largely between the BJP and the Congress. The saffron party is leading in 18 seats, with a vote share of 33.78 per cent. The Congress vote share is 22.5 per cent and could establish a lead in 11 seats.

Congress’s gamble of changing chief minister in Punjab and reposing faith in cricketer-turned-Imran Khan’s friendly leader Navjot Singh Sidhu simply backfired. In fact, Sidhu himself was trailing according to initial trends.

The Congress tally could come down to 16, and another major player in Punjab, Akali Dal, will have to remain content with only 8 seats. The Congress vote share stood at 23.27 per cent. Congress vote share in 2017 was 38.64 per cent and won 46 seats.


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