Two and a half crore rupees will be spent on the swearing-in of common man, senior officers standing in Khatkharkalan


Aam Aadmi Party was chosen by the voters of Punjab because they talk of change. But the ground reality of the change is that more than Rs 2.5 crore is being spent by the government on the swearing-in ceremony itself. These days all the senior bureaucrats of Punjab are camping in the village of Khatkarkalan sacrificer Bhagat Singh. Bhagwant Mann will take oath as the Chief Minister here on March 16. It is estimated that more than 2.5 crores will be spent on the preparations for the swearing-in ceremony.

In the name of change and changing the situation in Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party took vote from voters. The voter also fully believed in this promise of the AAP party. Now the reality is in front. Had the ceremony been held at the Rajya Bhavan, it would have cost much less. Till now all the CMs made in Punjab took oath in Raj Bhavan itself. This is the first time that the Punjab government is going to take oath outside the Raj Bhavan. For its preparations, the officials of Punjab are already camping in the village.

35 senior officers including ADGP are standing on the spot. Four helipads have been built. Seating arrangements have been made for one lakh people. Special arrangements are also being made for food. The administration has taken 50 acres of land on rent for a few days, on this land there was wheat and sugarcane crops. The administration promised that it would be compensated. Parking for 25,000 vehicles is being made on this land. Day and night are running short here. Hundreds of laborers are engaged in temporary construction. All the works have to be finalized by March 14. After this there will be a rehearsal regarding the security arrangements.

Punjab’s social worker Dinesh Sharma told that so much expenditure is a symbol of monarchy, how did it become the swearing-in ceremony of common man? There is a difference between what the Aam Aadmi Party says and does. He told how this is a change, it is not right in any sense to spend so much on oath taking. This expense should have been avoided.

He told that at present the economic condition of Punjab is very bad, the debt is increasing rapidly. Even after this, spending like this is not right in any sense. Then it can only be said that where is the difference between the Aam Aadmi Party and other traditional parties?

On the other hand, the residents of Khatkharkalan told that during the entire election campaign no big leader came here. The house of sacrificer Bhagat Singh was also decorated during the time of former President APJ Abdul Kalam. A park was built next to it. Since then, the house and park of the sacrificer have been a victim of neglect. The condition of the swings here is not very good.

The house of sacrificer Bhagat Singh is built outside the village. A well is also built in the courtyard of this house made of old bricks. The villagers told that a large number of people come here every day. But till now there is no facility for people coming from outside here. People come, see the house, leave after sitting in the park for some time. Although Bhagat Singh’s family had land, but later this family moved away after selling the land.

The people of the village are not happy with the ongoing work regarding the swearing-in ceremony. They say it is a waste of money. It should not happen. If in fact the common man government is trying to follow the ideals of sacrificer Bhagat Singh, then development should be done in the village. So that it seems that he is a resident of the sacrificer’s village.

The village should be made a model village. People coming from outside get better facilities here. Work should be done in this direction. Attention should also be paid to the development of the village. So that the standard of living of the residents can be improved to some extent. What happens when you take the oath? He said expressing anger.


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