Told me that if not the CM, I will become the first Prime Minister of ‘Independent Country’, without naming Kejriwal, the big allegation of Kumar Vishwas


Without naming Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas claimed that Kejriwal has no hesitation in taking the help of separatists. A man whom I even told at one time not to take the side of the separatists, then he had said that no-no will happen.

Kumar Vishwas, the country’s famous poet and founding member of Aam Aadmi Party, on Wednesday made a big allegation against Delhi CM and his old colleague Arvind Kejriwal without naming him. He said that Arvind Kejriwal was a supporter of separatists in Punjab. He was once told that he would either become the Chief Minister of Punjab or the first Prime Minister of the independent nation of Khalistan. He is pro-Khalistan, that man can go to any extent for power. Kumar Vishwas said that this person is still on the same path and if he does not himself become the Chief Minister in Punjab, he will make him sit as a puppet. Kumar Vishwas said that during the last elections, Arvind Kejriwal said such terrible things that I was surprised to hear his words.

Kumar Vishwas said, it should be understood that Punjab is not just a state, it is a feeling. I had earlier told him not to take people associated with separatist and Khalistani organizations. So he told me that no-no will happen.’ Kumar Vishwas said, ‘I told him that these separatist organizations, people associated with Khalistani Movement, vote with them, in the last election and he had said that it will not happen, don’t worry.’ Kumar Vishwas claimed, ‘One day he tells me that you don’t worry or I will become a minister of an independent state. I said this is separatism. The 2020 referendum is coming, the whole world is funding. So he says what happened. I will become the first Prime Minister of an independent country. There is so much isolationism in this man’s thought. Just get power somehow.

Let us inform that 5 years ago, Kumar Vishwas had worked as an active leader of Aam Aadmi Party during the Punjab Assembly elections, but later resigned from the party due to a rift with AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal. After this, poet Kumar Vishwas has targeted Arvind Kejriwal many times.


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