Tamil Nadu government imposed jizya tax on Hindus? The state government compels Hindu temples to contribute to the CM Relief Fund, spending about 22 crores on Muslims during Ramadan

The government was forced to give only 10 million rupees to Hindu temples to fight the corona, while the same government is spending around 22 crores only to provide rice for porridge on Muslims during Ramadan. 
 – Venkatesan T.S.

Tamil Nadu: At  a time when the Tamil Nadu government is constantly struggling to free Hindu temples from clutches, the state government’s Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Department (HR & CE) has allocated 47 temples to the CM Relief Fund. Has directed to give Rs. Crore . Apart from this, an additional amount has been targeted for the care of the poor, this move of the government has been severely criticized asthere has been no demandby the governmentto receive annual grants from the Crisitian and Muslim institutions .

As the old saying goes, butter in one eye and lime in the other, HR & CE Principal Secretary K Panindra Reddy has all officers working under him in 47 temples including Madurai, Palani, Tiruchendur, Tirutani, Thiruvananthalai, Rameswaram, Mylapore. Is directed to. And due to the lockdown of each surplus funds, it has been directed to contribute Rs 35 lakhs to feed the poor and to give the amount of 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs to other temples. All 47 temples will have to transfer a surplus fund of ten crores to the CM Corona Relief Fund.

There are over 36,000 ancient temples under the control of HR and CE . Millions of priests are completely dependent on the offerings of the devotees. Along with the corona epidemic and lock-down, they are now left in the lurch and starvation due to the corona epidemic and lock-down. Instead of helping them, the Tamil Nadu government has kept an eye on the property of Hindu temples to pursue its appeasement politics.

The GO from Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Principal Secretary of Tamil Nadu
According to the principal secretary of the Hindu religious temples and trusts of Tamil Nadu, HR & CE has directed Tamil Nadu  Hindu temples to contribute to the CM Relief Fund for an amount of Rs 10 crore.

Muslim appeasement on the money of Hindus

Before the start of the fast of Ramadan, the state government announced a bonus for Muslims. It was started by the late CM Jayalalithaa to win her hearts and votes. The Tamil Nadu government had announced that 5,450 tonnes of rice would be supplied to 2,895 mosques this year for preparing porridge , which according to simple calculations would cost up to Rs 2,1,80,00,000 (Rs 21.80 crore) . It has not been extended during Chitra and Adi months to prepare offerings to the village goddesses for Hindus. Festivities in temples have been canceled due to lock-down. It seems that appeasement of Christians and Muslims on Hindu temple money is important for the government .

The current AIADMK government has proved that no one can compete with this as a policy of mass expansion and appeasement for minority communities . While presenting the budget for 2020-21, Deputy CM O Panneerselvam had announced that the Rs 5 lakh fund would be raised to Rs 60 lakh for the annual maintenance of mosques across the state and he also said that the government would repair the churches. and will cost Rs allocation of Rs 1 million to 5 million on maintenance and Deputy Chief Minister announced Rs 50 crore for the annual administrative grant to the Wakf board of Health . To appease and pacify Muslims after their alleged opposition to CAAIt was announced to give Rs 98.66 crore as scholarship to more than 3.64 lakh minority community students .

Last February, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said that the state government would provide 50 per cent subsidy to the ulemas’ for buying two-wheelers and increase their pension from Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000 . The current ruler of Tamil Nadu treats the Hindu temples of the state as a golden hen and keep withdrawing all the money until it dries up.

tamil nadu government has announced a grant of 5,450 tons of rice for 2,895 mosques to prepare Ramzan porridge amounting to Rs.21.8 crores.
The Tamil Nadu government has announced a grant of 5,450 tonnes of rice to 2,895 mosques for Ramadan, costing 21.8 crore.

Hindu temple money for the problem of Hindus

Srivilliputhur Vaishnavit Math head Sadagopa Ramanuj Jiyar has urged the government to spend the temple money to make offerings to priests and deities. Dr. Krishnaswamy, the head of Puthia Tamizhagam, has appealed to the CM to refund the amount received from temples at Rs 10 crore.

Bala Gautaman, head of the Vedic Research Center, has questioned the rationale behind the government’s decision. He said that according to the (HR & CE) Act, the income of the temple is to be used only for expenses like maintenance, salary to the priest, cook and others. How can the government order the same mandatory donations to its officers, trustees? “Panindra Reddy has no right of direction, ” he said , adding that trustees can only use the money for legal expenses which are mandatory as per law or rule. “If they transfer money, then it is illegal. On the one hand the government asks the temples to contribute to the CM Relief Fund and on the other hand the mosques give free rice at the cost of tax payers. It is like the rule of the Mughals and money is being transferred from the temple like Jiziya tax .

The Hindu Munnani has said that “at a time when the state is grappling with the Corona crisis, what was the need to give rice free of cost and to collect mosques disobeying the norms of social discrimination to Muslims?” It is like rice pongal gift being given to all ration card holders including Muslim, Christian through PDS shops as the state has a well organized PDS system. “

The fact that the Forum of Secular Government wrote for religious freedom in its paper is surprising given the fact that selling property, distributing its collections and imposing state control in other ways often with non-Hindus and here There are even anti-Hindu, bureaucrats or politicians, who are directly responsible for the pathetic condition of many Hindu temples in India. Some temples do not even have lamps and oil for one time worship.

Tamil Nadu government collects 3000 crores every year through the collection of dahi handi, offerings, various darshan tickets, special program fee etc. in the temples of Hindus but only 4-6 crores are given for the maintenance and repair of temples, the remaining Rs 2995 crores. near the remains is the amount that the government pays the salaries of the temple staff deposit and it educational and medical institutions Meets the expenses of bringing.

Government funding of Mecca, Jerusalem home to Christians and Muslims, but not to visit Tirupathi, Kasi etc. Hindus . Hindu intellectuals should ask the government why ‘Akhir’ is spending the money of Hindu temples to promote foreign religions.

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