Najeeb, Islamic terrorist from Kerala killed himself in suicide attack in Afghanistan, confirms ISIS publication


Najeeb’s death was announced by ISIS publication Voice of Khorasan. It also hinted that Najeeb was used by the ISIS to carry out a suicide attack.

Najjeb, a 23-year-old engineering graduate from Kerala who had left the country in 2017 to join terrorist organisation ISIS in Afghanistan, has reportedly died.

His death was announced by ISIS mouthpiece Voice of Khorasan in its latest edition. It did not disclose when exactly had Najeeb died. It also did not disclose the circumstances surrounding his death.

The article in the ISIS mouthpiece only hinted that ISIS wanted to use him in a suicide mission and he gladly volunteered for it.

The terrorist mouthpiece identified him by his adopted name Najeeb Al Hindi and described him ‘an engineering student from Kerala’. It also printed a picture of Najeeb.

The family of Najeeb in Kerala identified him by his photo. Najeeb, a resident of Ponmala in Malappuram district of Kerala was pursuing M.Tech in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore town.

After Najeeb went missing in July 2017, his parents started a frantic search for him but couldn’t find him. In August, a missing person complaint was lodged by his parents.

Later, he sent a Telegram message to his family informing them that he had left for Afghanistan to join the ISIS. The terrorist organisation has an Afghanistan chapter Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP).

The Voice of Khorasan hailed Najeeb for following the path of Hanzala Ibn Abi Mair, a follower of Prophet Mohammad, who was killed in a fight on his wedding night.

The Kerala link of the ISIS has worried intelligence agencies for some years now.

In March last year, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had registered a case related to the alleged terrorist activities of Kerala resident Mohammed Ameen alias Abu Yahya and his associates, who had allegedly been running various ISIS propaganda channels on different social media platforms, such as Telegram, Hoop and Instagram, and radicalising and recruiting new members for the ISIS module.

In 2016-18 period, more than 20 youths had fled from Kerala to join ISIS in Afghanistan. In September last year, the NIA had filed chargesheet against three accused persons for running ISIS-module in Kerala. The module was radicalising youth and asking them to join the fight against ‘kafirs’.

In his last message to his family in 2017, Najeeb had also talked about fighting kafirs. In the Telegram message, he had written “There is no meaning in living with kafirs and I have escaped from the world of kafirs.” The Quran preaches non-believers as kafirs.


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