‘Infringement of Fundamental Rights’: Assam Muslim Leaders React On Repealment of Marriage & Divorce Registration Act


He added that there are several BJP leaders who themselves follow practices. (Getty)

He added that there are a number of BJP leaders who themselves comply with practices. (Getty)

The feedback got here after the Assam Cabinet on Friday repealed the Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) MLA Dr (Hafiz) Rafiqul Islam stated that the BJP authorities has no braveness to implement the Uniform Civil Code. He stated, “They were also trying to bring UCC to Assam, but it is not possible as people from several castes and communities are living in the state.”

“This is just their tactic to target Muslims. So, they couldn’t bring any Bill on polygamy or UCC in Assam. So, they are repealing the Assam Muslim Marriages & Divorces Registration Act. Assam cabinet doesn’t have the right to repeal or amend a constitutional right,” stated  AIUDF MLA.

Adding to Dr Hafiz Rafiqul Islam’s opinion, Congress MLA Abdur Rashid Mandal stated, “This (BJP) is an anti-Muslim government. They are trying to show the Hindu people that they are favouring them and depriving the Muslims.”

Another AIUDF MLA, Hafiz Basir Ahmed said, “This is completely an illegal, unethical decision of the Assam Government. This is the BJP government’s new tactics to harm the Muslim community. The decision is anti-Muslim.”

Secretary of Jamiyat Ulema, Assam Abdul Kader stated, “We don’t have the recent document presently, later we’ll discuss the legal aspects of cabinet decision, but by demolishing the Kazi system I am afraid it will increase child marriage in Assam.”

Explaining extra concerning the Kazi system, he stated the system maintains the registration of Muslim marriage and is recognised as an institutional course of. “But after demolishing the Kazi system unauthorized Kazis will come out locally and perform or administrate marriages. This process will be harmful. There will not be any registration, so, no documented evidence will be there of child marriages,” he added.

Senior advocate Zunaid Khalid additionally reacted on the cupboard’s determination, “In Muslim community, Nikah is a traditional, spiritual tradition. Repealing the Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act of 1935 is infringement of our fundamental rights. The protections given to us (Muslims) in Articles 25, 26 to 28 are being infringed. Until the personal law violets fundamental right is valid. In due course of time, we’ll go to court.”

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