CPM’s attack spree against Dalits


CPM and its Left Democratic Front (LDF) have been torturing Dalits for a long time and has gained more momentum since the Pinarayi took over the second time in 2021.

CPM’s physical attacks against and killings of Dalits has been a never-ending story. The latest is the murder of Deepu (37), a Dalit activist of the “2020” movement in Kizhakkambalam, Ernakulam district. He was attacked on February 12 and was hospitalised immediately. He died on February 18. CPM has been cultivating the worst animosity towards the “2020” movement since its inception around two decades ago.

It was promoted by Kitex Group of Companies, a multi-million export house based in Kizhakkambalam. Sabu M. Jacob, MD of the Kitex group, stated that LDF MLA P.V. Sreenijan is behind the atrocities against the 2020 movement and its Dalit workers. He is the son of former Supreme Court Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan. Sreenijan was in the eye of a storm, for bad reasons, during his father-in-law’s tenure. There were a lot of allegations against him in connection with his father-in-law illegal financial activities. Interestingly, he was never a Leftist nor a CPM man. People allege that it was a payment seat which means he secured the seat by greasing the palm of CPM. 2020 alleges that MLA had conspired with a gang of killers to attack Deepu and others.

Sabu alleged that CPM assailants have attacked hundreds of 2020 workers in the last few years. 2020 movement rules four panchayats in the area by beating LDF and UDF. Therefore, 2020 men allege that Congress workers also joined hands with CPM men to attack their cadres.

The serious hostility originated from the 2020 efforts to collect money from the public to erect street lights. Sreenijan opposed it strongly, and 2020 called for 15 minutes of lights off in the panchayat to protest the MLA’s hostile actions. Deepu had played an active role in making the campaign’s lights a success in the Dalit colony he lived in. Thus, he invited the wrath of the CPM killers, and hence the attack, 2020 men allege.

2020 men demand the arrest of Srinijan for his alleged role in the conspiracy to attack Deepu. Sabu alleged that it was professional work; hence no exterior injuries were visible. He demanded, examining the list of MLA’s phone calls to establish the conspiracy angle.

CPM and its Left Democratic Front (LDF) have been torturing Dalits for a long time. It was accelerated during the Pinarayi Regime I (one) (2016–2021), and it has gained more momentum since the Pinarayi took over the second time in 2021. If one goes to draft a list of the incidents, it will be tiresome and tedious efforts.

The attacks against two girls in Kannur district for their Congress-led UDF links. In Valayar, Palakkad district, two girls of the same parents were found hanged on two different occasions. No proper cases were registered, thanks to the CPM links of the accused. Later, BJP and other opposition parties took up the matter and went for protests and agitations. The government had to go for further legal actions, but the regime did its best to keep the CBI probe away for a long time.

Alleged CPM men in Adoor badly manhandled a Dalit, Pathanamthitta district, and that poor bloke committed suicide. It is once again established that Dalits are not safe under the CPM regime, just like it happened in West Bengal.


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