Home World News Record Mass Shootings in US in 2023; A Common Reason Reveals Why Suspects Go On Killing Spree

Record Mass Shootings in US in 2023; A Common Reason Reveals Why Suspects Go On Killing Spree

Record Mass Shootings in US in 2023; A Common Reason Reveals Why Suspects Go On Killing Spree


US has witnessed a rising variety of deadly shootings this yr with California seeing three mass shootings inside per week.

In a stunning flip of occasions, a 72-year-old Asian immigrant man shot lifeless 11 folks gathered for Lunar New Year at a suburban dance corridor on Saturday night time — earlier than taking his personal life as police closed in.

In one other incident, Zhao Chunli, 66, was arrested in California after twin assaults at farms that left 5 males and two ladies lifeless.

The variety of mass shootings in January is the best variety of mass shootings on document for any January, in line with Gun Violence Archive, which tracks gun-related deaths and accidents in the US. The organisation has tracked 40 such incidents in the US killing at the very least 69 this month and it has solely been 27 days into the brand new yr.

Record Gun-related Deaths

More folks in the US are dying due to gun-related deaths than some other motive together with terrorism.

In 2022 alone, there have been an estimated 44,000 gun-related deaths in the US, which incorporates homicide instances, accidents and self-defence. Moreover, there have been 648 mass shootings final yr, 21 of which concerned 5 or extra fatalities.

According to Gun Violence Archive, there have been 1,987 mass taking pictures incidents in the US since 2020, the place 4 or extra folks had been killed or injured.

A memorial for victims of a mass taking pictures is pictured in in Monterey Park, California. (AFP)

A 2014 report mentioned that for each one American killed by an act of terror in the US or overseas that yr, greater than 1,049 died due to weapons.

Bullying and Harassment

But why is the US seeing extra mass shootings in the latest months. The causes are many, however a deeper evaluation shares a typical prevalence in such incidents- harassment and bullying endured by the accused.

In the latest California farm taking pictures on January 23, the suspect Zhao Chunli mentioned he had endured years of bullying and overwork, however his complaints had been by no means addressed, NBC Bay Area’s Janelle Wang reported.

“He described to me that he believes that he suffers from some sort of mental illness. He’s struggled with that for a while and he says on Monday he was not in his right mind,” a US reporter who visited the suspect in jail said.

FBI agents arrive at a farm where a mass shooting occurred in Half Moon Bay, California. (AFP)

San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe said the evidence in the case points to this being an instance of workplace violence.

In the November 2022 Walmart shooting, a 31-year-old overnight manager at Walmart who killed six people at a Virginia store wrote a “death note” before dying by suicide.

The “death note” on Andre Bing’s telephone learn, “Sorry God I’ve failed you, this was not your fault but my own,” it said. “I was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom.”

However, reports said that Bing had bullied, threatened and harassed employees and that he frequently acted “inappropriately, bizarrely and dangerously.”

Residents walk across a Lunar New Year festival site after it was canceled due to a mass shooting in California. (AP Photo)

Similarly in the Texas shooting in May 2022, the shooter who killed 22 people, including 19 children, was a victim of bullying and had dropped out of school on numerous occasions due to bullying.

18-year-old Salvador Ramos was bullied “over a childhood speech impediment” and “suffered from a fraught home life”.

According to a survey by Alfred University in New York, which studied the reason behind school shootings, bullying was listed as the second highest reason by the students behind such incidents. 86 percent of the respondents said that the reason behind the shooting was “other kids pick on them, make fun or them, or bully them” whereas the best listed motive was revenge.

Elderly, Asian gunmen outlier in mass shootings

A new report by the US Secret Service, which studied 173 violent attacks in public spaces from 2016 to 2020, concluded that the average age of attacker in mass shootings was 34. The typical profile for a shooting in a public space with a large number of casualties is a white male under 40 — and white men under 21 have featured particularly in some of the most recent.

However, the two recent tragedies in California stand out for their difference: the alleged attackers were men of Asian descent, both elderly. According to the study, only four percent of the attackers were Asian.

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