Attack on Hindus continues in Bangladesh: 35 Saraswati Devi idols vandalised by Islamists; Hindu leader attacked; Hindu Mohajot staged protest


Dhaka (Bangladesh): After vandalising hundreds of Durga idols during the Puja festival in October 2021, Muslim radicals targets the Hindu community and their belief once again in Bangladesh. The radical Islamic groups in Bangladesh vandalised 35 Saraswati Devi idols in the Boalkhali area of the Chittagong district. Hindu community members on Friday staged a huge protest in the capital city Dhaka against religious persecution and prolonged attack on the minority community.

According to the reports, the incident took place at an idol-manufacturing unit of artist Basudev Pal. Miscreants on Thursday night entered the factory and vandalised 35 Saraswati Devi idols made for the upcoming Saraswati Puja. Pal, who has been into idol-making art for decades, said this type of incident took place for the first time in his life. His father, late Haridev pal, started the idol-making factory during the British era.

The idols are being made for the Saraswati puja to be held on February 5. But the Islamists have destroyed almost all of them which are not possible to reconstruct in such a short time as the Saraswati puja is scheduled to take place on February 5.

In another incident, a Muslim radical terror gang attacked Bidhan Krishna Roy, a subdivision president of Hindu Mahajot. A wanted Muslim terrorist Musharaf Hussain Barbhuyan was behind the attack. There are around 34 cases of Hindu atrocities lodged against terrorist Musharaf, which include attacks on individuals and vehicles belonging to Hindu people, extortions etc. But the state police are still unable to arrest the terrorist who roams freely in the public.

Hindu Mohajot on Friday staged a massive protest in front of the Dhaka Press Club against the recent attacks. Hindu Mohajot leader Govinda Pramanik told ‘Organiser’ that the atrocities against the community have increased manifold in the last few years. There should be an end to the targeted attacks and communal violence against the Hindu community, Pramanik added.


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