Raipur : Sri Jagat Guru Sri Sri Shankar Bharati Mahaswami met the Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey


Raipur: Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey was met by the Peethadheeshwar Jagat Guru Sri Sri Shankar Bharathi Mahaswami of Sri Yoga Nandeshwar Uppeeth Mysore at Raj Bhavan here today. Governor Ms. Uike discussed religious, social and contemporary issues with Jagat Guru Sri Sri Shankar Bharti Maharaj. Shri Shankar Bharti Maharaj extended his blessings to all the officers and employees of Raj Bhavan including Governor Ms. Uikey. Along with this, worshiped in the worship room located at the residence office and wished good luck for the country and the people of the state.
On this occasion, Directors of Vedanta Bharati Dr. Sridhar Hegde, Mr. Dinesh Hegde, Mr. S. Hanumantha Rao and Shri Venkata Raman Bhatt were present on the occasion.


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