Producers of movie‘The Kerala Story’ should be hanged in public: NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad


The controversies across the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ haven’t any finish, amid protests and risk calls, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Jitendra Awhad requires the general public hanging of the producers. The movie is already going through warmth in completely different states of the nation.

“Under the name of ‘The Kerala Story’, a state and its women were defamed. The official figure of three was projected as 32,000. The person who produced this fictional movie should be hanged in public”, ANI quoted the NCP chief.

He tweeted in Marathi, which interprets as, “In other words, you want to defame your female sisters? To show that our females sisters? To show that our female sisters are stupid and don’t understand anything and ultimately to portray women as subordinate in a male-dominated culture. This is the real truth of the movie based on Kerala. Such films are made with the calculation of creating violence, and hatred on the basis of lies and winning elections through the same”

While talking at a information channel Awhad additionally acknowledged, “The Kerala Story” is defaming ladies of the state and that producer has created a fictional story for which he should be hanged in public.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association on May 9 mentioned that they’ve stopped the screening of the film ‘The Kerala Story’ from May 7 to keep up legislation and order in the state. The affiliation additionally acknowledged the poor assortment on the second day as additionally the rationale behind the choice.

Notably, the Chief Minister of Bengal Mamata Banerjee additionally banned the movie in the state citing legislation and order situation. The Trinamool Congress authorities banned the movie in West Bengal on May 8. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee mentioned, “West Bengal govt has decided to ban the movie The Kerala Story. This is to avoid any incident of hatred and violence, and to maintain peace in the state”.

While taking a dig at ‘The Kashmir Files’, the Chief Minister acknowledged, “What was ‘The Kashmir Files’? It was meant purely to humiliate a particular section of society. What is ‘The Kerala Story’? It is a distorted story”. The CM instructed the state chief secretary to withdraw the movie from all theatres the place it was enjoying.

The BJP-ruled states, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have declared the movie tax-free. Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in poll-bound Karnataka’s Ballari talked about the movie, saying it uncovered the results of terrorism in society.

“The movie ‘The Kerala story’ is trying to expose the consequences of terrorism in a society, especially in a state like Kerala which is a beautiful land of hardworking, talented and intellectual people. The Congress party is now trying to ban the film and support the terror elements”, the prime minister mentioned.

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