Why the dog trainers strangled liquor businessman Nikhil Jaiswal’s bully dog ‘Sultan’?


In a horrifying incident that befell in the capital metropolis of Madhya Pradesh, a pet dog was tragically strangled to loss of life by their trainers. This distressing occasion garnered vital consideration, even making its manner onto tv information broadcasts. A video capturing the incident has since gone viral on varied social media platforms. Upon discovering the premature demise of his pet, the dog’s proprietor promptly filed a grievance towards the perpetrators, looking for justice for his beloved pet. He has steadfastly refused presents of cash and a alternative pet, insisting that nothing lower than justice will suffice.

Nikhil Jaiswal, the distraught dog proprietor, has recognized Ravi Kushwaha, alongside together with his associates Tarun Das and Neha, also called Priya, as the people chargeable for this heinous act.

A First Information Report (FIR—462/2023) was lodged at the Misrod police station in the Bhopal district on October 17 to provoke authorized proceedings on this case. Organiser known as the investigating officer, ASI Ashok Sharma, on October 21. He confirmed that the accused had been apprehended however have been subsequently launched on bail.

ASI Ashok Sharma defined that the accused have been taken into custody on October 18. Due to the severity of the expenses, which carry a possible sentence of as much as 5 years, they weren’t instantly introduced earlier than the court docket. Instead, they have been granted bail after signing a doc acknowledging their dedication to attend court docket proceedings. They are anticipated to look in court docket as required by regulation.

According to the FIR, they have been charged beneath IPC sections 429 (killing cattle), 201 (destroying proof), and part 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

Copy of the FIR as accessed by Organiser
Names of the accused in the FIR (Organiser)

Nikhil, a 22-year-old resident of Kala Peepal in Shajapur, recounted to the police that he had acquired a dog roughly two years in the past, investing a considerable quantity of Rs 12 to 15 lakhs in his cherished pet, ‘Sultan’.

Upon discovering a coaching centre on the web, Jaiswal entrusted his dog to the Dog Training and Boarding Centre positioned in the Misrod locality on May 1, 2023. The completion of the dog’s coaching was initially slated for September.

On September 14, when Nikhil reached out to the centre’s director, Ravi Kushwaha, to retrieve his dog, Kushwaha refused, insisting on maintaining the dog for a couple of extra days as a consequence of incomplete coaching. Ravi assured Nikhil that he wouldn’t cost any extra charges and would proceed coaching freed from cost.

Nikhil disclosed that on October 9, he obtained an abrupt name from Ravi, informing him that his dog was in misery and that they have been trying to manage CPR at the centre. Despite Nikhil’s pressing request, the people current didn’t transport the dog to a hospital. Upon Nikhil’s arrival from Shajapur later that night, he obtained the devastating information that his dog had handed away.

Subsequently, Nikhil requested entry to the CCTV footage and found that every one recordings earlier than 2:30 pm had been deliberately deleted. When Nikhil sought to conduct a autopsy examination, he was directed to go to the hospital. However, upon arriving at the hospital and discovering that the autopsy was not performed, he returned dwelling and buried Sultan.

Nikhil promptly reported the incident to the Misrod police on October 11. Following his report, regulation enforcement officers visited the coaching centre, seizing the DVR. With the help of the cyber cell, knowledge from the DVR was efficiently recovered. This revealed that on October 9, at roughly 1:30 pm, Ravi Kushwaha, alongside together with his associates Tarun Das and Neha, also called Priya Tiwari, had cruelly ended the dog’s life by hanging it from its leash on the boundary gate, as per the police’s findings.

On October 21, the Organiser known as Nikhil whereas he was en path to Bhopal. Nikhil expressed that Sultan, a 2.5-year-old Pakistani Bull, held a particular place as a cherished member of the family. Given Sultan’s international breed classification, coaching was deemed important, significantly as he belonged to the Alsatian breed class.

Nikhil recounted that his days commenced alongside Sultan, with the two usually sharing their sleeping house. Sultan was, undoubtedly, the most pampered member of the home. He shared following photos with Sultan:

Nikhil with Sultan (Organiser)
Nikhil with Sultan (Organiser)

Nikhil had acquired Sultan practically two years prior from a vendor in Bhopal, investing Rs 50,000 for the buy. He spared no expense, offering Sultan with premium imported meals. The coaching centre incurred a month-to-month price of Rs 13,000, totalling Rs 75,000 so far.

Regarding the tragic demise of his beloved pet, Nikhil revealed that the postmortem report revealed disturbing particulars: Sultan’s ribs had been fractured. He lamented that Sultan had suffered abuse, finally resulting in his premature demise.

Despite receiving quite a few presents of considerable sums of cash and the promise of one other pet, Nikhil, a businessman, remained resolute. His sole pursuit is justice for his beloved Sultan.

He added, that the accused are accompanied by influential attorneys and spend not a single minute in the police station. He says, he’ll be sure that they get punished for the henious act they’ve dedicated.

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