Love Jihad in Ayodhya– Shehnawaz became Dilip to marry Malti, forced her son to undergo circumcision


In one more case of a pretend id lure, a Dalit Hindu lady registered a criticism in opposition to one Shehnawaz in the Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh. She knowledgeable the police, that the accused posed as Dilip and had married her in a temple. Later, he took her to his village, the place he forcefully transformed her to Islam. Now he’s forcing her son to undergo circumcision.

What says the FIR?

A First Information Report (quantity–406/2023) was registered on the Bikapur Kotwali on August 13 by the sufferer Malti.

In her criticism, she informed the police, she is a local of Chanderiya village in Gorakhpur. She was married to Subhash, a local of Hata. From this marriage, she has two youngsters a son (13-year-old Khushdil) and a daughter (1-year-old Khushi). When Khushi was nonetheless in her womb, Subhash died in Mumbai.

Statement of the sufferer in the FIR, as accessed by Organiser

Malti additionally lived in Mumbai, and beside their home lived one Dilip. He lured her to marry him in opposition to false guarantees. The similar yr Malti and Dilip obtained married to one another as per Hindu customs in Jivdani Temple, Mumbai.

Three days after the marriage, Subhash took her to his village in Bhaggu Jalalpur, Ayodhya. Upon reaching his dwelling, he took her to a brand new place, the place she was forced to have nikah with him as per Islamic rituals. Later, he was taking her son for circumcision, and when confronted, he stated, His title is Shehnawaz. He stated, “If you want to live here with me, you will have to follow Islam and live like a Muslim”.

What says the Police? 

Organiser referred to as the Station House Officer, Rajesh Kumar Rai, Kotwali Bikapur on August 17. Rai stated, the accused has been arrested and the assertion of the sufferer underneath Section 161 of the CrPC has been recorded.

Following the criticism, the Ayodhya Police arrested the accused and booked him underneath IPC sections 323 (voluntarily inflicting damage) and sections three and 5(1) of the Uttar Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act.

Sections invoked in opposition to the accused in the FIR as accessed by Organiser

When requested why no part for the SC-ST Act has been invoked in opposition to the accused even after the sufferer belongs to the Harijan neighborhood, he stated, “The victim did not mention this in the FIR, the accused has not converted her because she is a Harijan,” it was finished as per her will, added Rai.

What says the sufferer?

In a phone interview with Organiser on August 17, Malti stated, Dilip lived beside her shanty in Mumbai. He used to attend Durga Puja, Dusshera, and different festivals like Hindus did, it was unimaginable to imagine that he was a Muslim.

After her husband’s demise, Dilip started to go to her often. A little bit later, he assured Malti that he’ll deal with her youngsters and was deeply in love with her. Later, he took her to his village the place a Maulana was sitting in his home. They all made her put her thumb impression on a doc written in Urdu.

Malti shared a replica of the doc with Oragniser, that is the Nikahnama:

Copy of the Nikahnama as shared by the sufferer with Organiser

Later, the Maulana requested her to recite Kalma in Urdu, to which Malti stated, she didn’t know the way to say it. However, even after this documented nikah, Malti saved dwelling with Shehnawaz. She stated, “Madam I had not recited the Kalma, so I was still a Hindu”.

On August 8, they once more returned to Shehnawaz’s village, the place he requested Malti’s son Dilkhush, to undergo circumcision and convert to Islam. Malti refused and stated she would register a criticism in opposition to them. After this spat, she was thrown out of the home.

Shehnawaz was a married man like Malti, however his first spouse didn’t reside with him.

Malti stated after Shehnawaz was arrested by the police, she was rushed dwelling by the law enforcement officials. Now she is receiving threatening calls from his members of the family who’re saying, “We have money and will surely get our brother out, then we will tell you who we are. At least, he slept with you, no one can stop us from getting him bailed out”.

Malti says Shehnawaz labored at a handloom manufacturing unit, the place she additionally labored as a helper. Her mother and father died years in the past. Now she has nowhere to go.

On August 17, Malti obtained a name from Shehnawaz’s sister Jannat-ul, who referred to as her and threatened her. She is forced to take down the criticism in opposition to her brother and stated, “So what, one of my brothers is in jail, the rest of them are still out and you cannot imagine what we can do with you”.

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