In-charge Superintendent of Police Surajpur took the salute of the General Parade

  • Prizes given to many police personnel for good costumes and parade.
  • Listened to employees’ problems, resolved them.
  • Police officers and jawans practiced revolt drill.
  • Took stock of armory, canteen, community building.

Surajpur: Superintendent of Police, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, in charge of the General Parade held on Friday at Police Line Surajpur, took the salute. During this, he inspected the turn out of the police officers-employees, after which the station in-charge got the squad-wise drill drilled. Prizes were given to the police personnel wearing good costumes for encouragement. After taking stock of the government vehicles, instructions were given to rectify the shortcomings immediately. Reward the dog handler for providing the best dog training with detailed information about the dog squad.

Listened to employees’ problems, resolved them.

The Superintendent of Police listened to the problems of the police personnel in the Defense Center and resolved them. He told the jawans that only when you are fit, you will be able to discharge your duties well, for this it is necessary to stay fit, for this he asked the police personnel to pay special attention to their fitness. Instructions were given to wear good dress while on duty, to do the assigned tasks with full honesty and dedication, to behave decently with the general public.

Police officers and jawans practiced revolt drill.

To deal with and control other incidents including riots, practiced balwa drill. For this, a Balwa drill was organized in the Police Lines premises on Friday, for this a separate team was formed, which was equipped with equipment and equipment of Balwa drill. Water cannons were also used to disperse the rebels. Appreciating the police personnel for the good practice of balwa drill, they told about the action and precautions related to balwa drill and instructed to be vigilant if such a situation arises.

Took stock of armory, canteen, community building.

After the general parade, the Superintendent of Police inspected the armory of the police line and directed them to maintain the Arms Ammunition and maintain its records in a better way. Took stock of the Police Welfare Canteen opened for the convenience of the officers and jawans. Inspected the community building and asked to maintain cleanliness. After inspecting the mess of the new constables of the police, the guards were instructed to prepare nutritious food.

During this, Additional Superintendent of Police Harish Rathore, ASP Headquarters PS Mahilaine, Trainee IPS Sandeep Kumar Patel, SDOP Premnagar Prakash Soni, SDOP Surajpur Geeta Wadhwani, DSP Nandini Thakur, DSP Ajak P.D. Kujur, guarded inspector Bhupendra Kurre, station-post in-charge of the district along with officers/employees of guarded centers and various police stations were present.


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