Maoists release soldier kept in captivity for a week


Outlawed Communist Party of India (Maoist) on late Friday night let loose the kidnapped Jawan of Bastar Fighters, a counter-insurgency specialised unit of the Chhattisgarh police. The Jawan, who was kidnapped a week in the past by the Maoists, was kept in captivity by the ultras since 29 of final month.

According to the reviews, Shankar Kudiyam, a resident of Eramnaar village of Bijapur, was kidnapped from Uspari village below Maoist-hit Bhairamgarh police station limits on Thursday, September 29. It’s been learnt that Kudiyam, who was posted on the police line in Bijapur, had gone to Uspari village for private work when he was kidnapped by the ultras.

It’s been reported that after interrogating Kudiyam, the Maoists had determined to kill him nevertheless, following the attraction of the members of the family and Kudiyam, the Maoists determined to set him free after parading him in a Jan Adalat, a kangaroo courtroom of the Maoist prevalent in the areas nonetheless dominated by the ultras.

Notably, the members of the family of Kudiyam, together with the members of Sarv Adivasi Samaj, had earlier pleaded to the Maoist for the secure return of the Jawan, contemplating which the Maoist in the end launched Shankar on late Friday night. It’s been learnt that the Jawan had lately joined the Bastar Fighters.

Following the kidnapping of the Jawan, the Maoist had additionally launched a press observe on Wednesday, October 04 and claimed that the Jawan Shankar Kudiyam is in their custody and is being interrogated. In the press observe launched by the Maad divisional committee of the banned CPI (Maoist), the secretary of the Maad division, Anita Mandavi had claimed that “the police have been fully aware of the abduction of the Jawan since 29. However, they choose not to disclose it. What were they waiting for? Can be understood.”

Press Release by Maoists

The Maoists had additional claimed that the ‘Bastar Fighters’ drive had been created for anti-naxal operations, and the personnel of this drive have been skilled in the road of the Greyhounds Commandos of Telangana. The press observe additional claimed that the police have been unleashing atrocities, and the Tadmetla incident must be opposed by everybody.

Following the press release by the Maoists, the Bijapur Superintendent of Police (SP), Anjanye Varshanye, in a video message had additionally appealed to the Maoists to release the kidnapped Jawan on humanitarian grounds. In the video message, Varshanye had stated that ” upon enquiring the guy personnel of Kudiyam, it’s been revealed that the latter had gone to the Uspari village from the place he didn’t return.”

Further, whereas making an attraction to the Maoists to release the Jawan, Varshanye stated that “it has come to the fore that Kudiyam was kidnapped by the Maad division of the Maoists. Those youths who have joined the police force are contributing to the development, security and peace of the region. Earlier, on many occasions, security forces have also treated injured Maoists after encounters; thus, we expect that while considering the public sentiments and appeal of the family member, constable Kudiyam will be released soon.”

It is to be famous that this isn’t the primary time that a safety personnel has been kidnapped and kept in custody by the Maoists and earlier too on many events, the Maoists have kidnapped personnel of safety forces, native contractors, engineers engaged on the event tasks in the areas affected by insurgency.

Earlier in one other such growth a personnel of the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was additionally kidnapped by the Maoists following the Bijapur ambush in April 2021. The kidnapped personnel Rakeshwar Manhas, was later launched by the Maoists after negotiations have been held with the consultant appointed by the state authorities to make sure the release of the kidnapped personnel. Manhas was additionally kept in custody for six days after the Maoists lastly set him free in the presence of a whole lot of villagers in Tarem.

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