Home State News BIHAR Disastrous results of Liquor Ban Policy proceed; Lessons need to learn from other States

Disastrous results of Liquor Ban Policy proceed; Lessons need to learn from other States

Disastrous results of Liquor Ban Policy proceed; Lessons need to learn from other States


New Delhi/Kohima : The liquor Prohibition regulation of Bihar got here in 2016.
In 2022 after six years and extra India is debating hooch row. Not many are stunned. In 2016 itself inside minutes of the announcement that prohibition had been enforced in governance-starved Bihar, microblogging website Twitter and social networking Facebook had been on hearth.

One missive that went viral was –‘ Breaking news: Bihar announces massive investments in bootlegging industry’.

Nagaland politicians say the brand new row in Bihar isn’t a surprise in any respect. Hooch tragedies and bootlegging are usually the end result of prohibition legal guidelines wherever they’ve been imposed.

In 2016 but once more, experiences had claimed that at a gathering in Forbesganj in Bihar, Indian authorities sought assist from their Nepali counterparts to curb the motion of individuals searching for alcohol from Nepal.

In Christian-dominated Mizoram; Prohibition regulation prevailed for 18 years. At onetime, one Mizoram Governor had stated, “Mizoram is the wettest dry state in the country. Not a comment to be proud of. Let’s not indulge in hypocrisy”.

BJP MPs from Bihar on December 22, held a protest in Parliament advanced demanding compensation for the households of these killed within the hooch tragedy within the State. Some BJP leaders even demanded resignation of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Even because the Bihar Government has confirmed 38 deaths within the Saran hooch tragedy, the figures have been contested by the BJP leaders.

The saffron social gathering leaders say that greater than 100 individuals have died in Bihar.

Christian-majority Mizoram had introduced in prohibition below the strain of church our bodies as was the case in Nagaland however lifted this in July 2014 after 18 years of scuffling with its failure.

In Nagaland, the Congress leaders had succumbed to emotional blackmail by the Nagaland Baptist Church Council and the Naga Mothers Association and enacted new Prohibition legal guidelines. But the transfer solely hit cash-starved Nagaland Govt income and inspired bootleggers in neighbouring Assam.

Thus many say Bihar’s Nitish Kumar Government ought to have been extra pragmatic earlier than saying prohibition as this price Nagaland or Mizoram dearly in phrases of income and solely helped bootleggers.

“I think this prohibition idea is itself is a folly. Prohibition has either failed as in Nagaland or Manipur,” says a former Nagaland Minister including, individuals have realised it nicely even in states reminiscent of Maharashtra and therefore the regulation was amended. Sources say the Maharashtra regulation was amended as unlawful instances and smuggling of alcohol from other districts had been a matter of concern. One information additionally had come to mild that there was a loss of Rs 2571 crore in income in 5 years.

Even in Gujarat the prohibition regulation that was introduced in 1949 was amended in 2014 when the state was to host the seventh Vibrant Gujarat Summit. The modified regulation had permitted resort managers and liquor outlets to difficulty permits.

In Bihar, the liquor ban had resulted in income loss of round Rs 5000 crore. Even in Bihar, the 2016 regulation was amended in 2018 solely after two years. In 2022 but once more the Nitish Kumar authorities introduced in one other modification and created a provision below which these caught ingesting for the primary time in Bihar could possibly be launched with a nice of most Rs 3000 and wouldn’t be despatched to jail.

In Manipur prohibition was introduced in 1991 and for extra causes than one everybody appeared to consider in its limitations.

There have been experiences of bootlegging and improve in drug abuse.

In July 2014, the State Government knowledgeable the Manipur meeting that State authorities favoured exploring choices of lifting prohibition. It was additionally urged that the nation liquor produced in Manipur by scheduled castes and tribes be offered in other states “for revenue”.

Prohibition had been in drive in what’s now Tamil Nadu since pre-Independence days and was lifted in 1971. It was once more briefly imposed in 1974 earlier than being lifted.

Prohibition was imposed in Haryana in July 1996 by the federal government headed by then chief minister Bansi Lal. However, it remained in drive solely until March 31, 1998. One of the explanations is that neighbouring Punjab has one of the very best per capita consumption charges of liquor, so it was at all times simply accessible.

Rajasthan briefly flirted with prohibition in 1977-79.

Around 2015-16, income loss additionally bothered Kerala when the State Government determined to impose whole prohibition by 2023.

“Alcohol helps in giving Kerala’s economy a good high – shockingly, more than 40 percent of revenues for its annual budget come from booze,” a posting on the BBC web site stated.

In all these states, expertise reveals demand for prohibition is usually guided by populism.

Little surprise then, that in 2016 late movie star Rishi Kapoor retorted within the context of Bihar, “Any law which tries to stop the people from doing something (by force or law) is bound to fail.”


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