Home Politics China’s Approach to India Same as Russia’s to Ukraine: Rahul Gandhi

China’s Approach to India Same as Russia’s to Ukraine: Rahul Gandhi

China’s Approach to India Same as Russia’s to Ukraine: Rahul Gandhi


Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Monday stated China is adopting the identical precept with India as Russia is with Ukraine, as it’s threatening to alter India’s boundaries.

He additionally claimed that the Sino-Indian border battle has a hyperlink with a weak economic system, a confused nation with none imaginative and prescient, hatred, anger and the Chinese sitting in Indian territory.

“Essentially, what the Russians have executed in Ukraine is that they’ve stated we are not looking for Ukraine to have a powerful relationship with the West they usually have principally advised the Ukrainians that if you’ll have a powerful relationship with the West, we are going to alter your geography.

“That is the very same precept that may be utilized to India. What the Chinese are saying to us is that watch out with what you’re doing, as a result of we are going to alter your geography. We will enter Ladakh, we are going to enter Arunachal (Pradesh), and what I can see is them constructing a platform for that sort of an strategy,” Gandhi stated in a dialog with movie actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan.

The Congress leader has shared the video of his conversation with Haasan on YouTube.

“‘Hey Ram’, Khadi, Films and how only India, not the West, can take on China! My conversation with Kamal Haasan on what shapes Indian politics and culture,” Gandhi stated on Twitter whereas sharing the video.

Gandhi stated safety has turn out to be a holistic factor within the 21st century as one has to have a worldwide view of it, including, “I believe our authorities has fully miscalculated it.” He also said the definition of conflict has changed as earlier, one fought on the border while now, one has to fight everywhere.

So, the single most important thing in the 21st century is that the country has internal cohesion, the Congress leader noted, adding that there needs to be harmony in the country, people should not be fighting with each other, there should be peace and the country should have a vision.

“The point is not going to war, the point is going to a position where you cannot be attacked. And there is a link between a weak economy, a confused nation without vision, hatred and anger and the Chinese sitting in our territory.

“Because they know we are dealing with internal matters, internal confusion and internal lack of harmony and so they can go in and do whatever they want. This is one end of the problem,” he stated, including that a large aspect of the issue is what has occurred in Ukraine.

“So as an Indian individual, I are not looking for to be anyone who’s struggle mongering, however I would really like our nation to remember that there are actual issues on the border and people issues are linked to what’s going on inside our nation. When Indians battle Indians, when the economic system doesn’t work, when there may be joblessness, our exterior opponent can make the most of this example,” Gandhi stated.

He said one of the things that the leaders of various political parties are constantly asking the government is to talk about it, if not to the media, then at least to the Opposition, as they understand these things.

“We might be able to help you, advise you, bounce ideas. But they just do not listen. It is like the approach that we understand everything,” he stated.

Gandhi additionally stated that the West can not compete with China.

“I don’t consider that on manufacturing, on as far as the economics is worried, I don’t consider that the West can tackle with the Chinese. I consider India can tackle the Chinese. We have the inhabitants, now we have the folks,” he noted, adding that what one needs to take on the Chinese is young population and a large educated base.

“If you see the West, they have got too much, they are flabby and they are living in opulence, they are outsourced, whereas our people know what struggle is and they understand difficulty. So I think, as an Indian person I see a huge opportunity for India to become, like China, the producer of the world.

“Of course, the West has its space which is high-end manufacturing, high technology, which they will dominate and we should not try and challenge them on that. But, I do not think they can compete with China on the large scale manufacturing, blue-collar work,” Gandhi stated.

Alleging that in India ability is disrespected, the Congress chief stated, “That is the tragedy that we’re strolling on the streets and all our youngsters are saying we’re unemployed, when in truth we might have enormous quantities of employment by our agriculture methods, by our manufacturing.”

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