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Bihar’s Transgender Leader on Census

Bihar’s Transgender Leader on Census


Last Updated: January 10, 2023, 10:11 IST

File photo of activist and leader Reshma Prasad. (Photo: IANS)

File picture of activist and chief Reshma Prasad. (Photo: IANS)

“Whoever talks about caste and religion, they are declared as communal persons. The government should clarify the parameters on which it is conducting a caste-based census in Bihar,” Prasad mentioned

The seven-party authorities in Bihar claims that the caste-based census will assist to enhance lives of individuals within the state. Reshma Prasad, the transgender chief of the state has, nevertheless, claimed that questioning the caste of an individual is a criminal offense.

“Whenever caste turns into a speaking level in society, they can’t talk about equality. As a end result, inequality spreads in society. I firmly consider that the federal government has no proper to ask the caste of an individual. Who is the federal government to ask the caste of an individual. If they’re within the welfare of individuals, they need to shut the Special Marriage Act. Whoever talks about caste and faith, they’re declared as communal individuals. The authorities ought to make clear the parameters on which it’s conducting a caste-based census in Bihar,” Prasad said.

“The leaders here do not want Bihar to move away from the casteism. However, there are many good leaders in Bihar who went ahead and did inter-caste and community marriages to break the casteist bonds,” she added.

“If the caste-based census is going down in Bihar, it’s thought of a criminal offense. It is just not logical to make casteism alive in Bihar. It is towards social equality and socialist values. The leaders of Bihar are simply doing politics over the caste for years. When we’re saying that we belong to transgender group, the federal government has put us underneath the OBC class which is predicated on caste,” she said.

BJP, the main Opposition party in Bihar, already claimed that the caste- based census will increase communal tension in Bihar.

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