The bungalow whose rent is 20 lakhs. 4,610 only to Sonia Gandhi. I got it, still the rent is not paying


The monthly rent of 10 Janpath, the official residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, is only Rs 4,610. Is. Despite this, she is not paying the rent. Similarly, the rent of his private secretary Vicente George’s house is also not being deposited in the government treasury. This amount is Rs. 5,12,99,000. Is

According to an information sought under Right to Information (RTI), the rent of Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s residence (10 Janpath, New Delhi) was last paid in September, 2020. The rent after that has not been paid yet. It is noteworthy that Sonia Gandhi has been living at this residence for several decades.

Situated in a very VIP area, this bungalow is spread over an area of ​​15,181 square meters. This bungalow is bigger than the prime minister’s residence (7, Lok Kalyan Marg). If seen from the market price, then the rent of this bungalow is Rs. 20,00,000 per month. Is more than. Accordingly, Rs. 4,610. The rent is nothing. Even after this the rent has not been paid since October 2020. Due to this the rent of this bungalow is Rs 73,760. is owed.

The rent for the office of ‘Congress Seva Dal’ affiliated to Congress has also not been paid for years. Its office is at 26, Akbar Road, New Delhi. Its fare was last paid in December 2012. The rent of this bungalow is Rs.12,69,000 per month. Is. Accordingly, the outstanding amount is Rs.16,87,77,000. Is.
Similarly, the rent of Sonia Gandhi’s private secretary Vicente George’s residence (C-11-109, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi) has also not been paid since August 2013. Its rent is Rs 5,07,911 per month. Is. Due to this, Rs 5,12,99,000 has been deposited in the exchequer so far. A large amount has not arrived.

This information was sought by Sujit Patel, a social worker from Gujarat, through RTI. This information has been made available to him by the Directorate of Estates (DOE), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Union Government.


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