India received a record foreign investment of 84 billion dollars last year : PM Modi


New Delhi/ karnataka : India received a record foreign investment of 84 billion dollars last year. Referring to the sense of global optimism towards India, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while adressing inaugural function of invest  karnataka 2022. The Prime minister said, “These are uncertain times, still most of the nations are convinced about the fundamentals of the Indian Economy. In this period of fragmentation, India is moving with the world and giving emphasis on working with the world. India could assure the world about the supply of medicines and vaccines in the period of the disrupted supply chain, he said. Despite a climate of market saturation, our domestic markets are strong due to the aspirations of our citizens.

The Prime Minister highlighted that even in times of a global crisis, experts, analysts and economists have hailed India as a bright spot. “We are continuously working towards cementing our fundamentals to further strengthen India’s economy with each passing day”, Mr. Modi said.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to understand the trajectory of the Indian economy. He explained the change of approach from 9-10 years ago when the country was grappling with policy and implementation-related issues. He underlined that “instead of trapping the investors in the red tape, we created an environment of the red carpet for investment, and instead of making new complicated laws, we rationalised them.”


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